A Boring Sunday

I am hungry, but I can’t eat just yet. I’m waiting for my husband to get back from wherever place that he has to be right now, to get home, so then we can have lunch (late lunch) together. I’m cooking mixed vegetables, and also roasted chicken with coconut cream, with sambal. They are still in the oven actually, so I’m waiting for that to get really cooked too.

The chicken before I put them in a oven. It's a recipe from my mom. I've never tried this, and I dont even know if I do it the right way. But it does smell good!

Hm.. I started my day today eating chocolate cake that I baked yesterday with some ice-cream, and watching Gossip Girl Season 4. I finished the whole season already, and kinda bored now. That’s why I’m blogging. Owh, I just changed my layout. Do you like it? Lately, I’m starting to like (again) the colour that I used to like, PINK. Like what Steven Tyler from Aerosmith said, “Pink is a colour of passion.” Obviously, I watch American Idol. Haha

Pink background on Sammy too.

Owh, there are some animated fish, and you can feed them too! You can even swirl the waves, it's really cool on the screen *batak mode*

Haih… I have so much to write. After neglecting this blog for quite some time, I feel like I owe it sooo many stories. Maybe later when I have free time. I’ll conclude all that in a simple Catchin-Up entry. Haha. Hope so.

Okay, I’m gonna check on my chicken. If it’s any good, I’ll put up the picture. But if I don’t, you know what happen to those chicken.



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