Moving Into A New House, And Some Other Rambles Too


My body is still aching. I just got back from Family Day event with my ex-colleagues at De Palma Inn Hotel in Kuala Selangor (it was really fun and I’m gonna post the story about that later), then went home to Sabak Bernam to meet my parents who just got back from their vacation in Bandung, before rushing back to Muar.

This is just a quick update. After the event, we went straight home to Sabak Bernam, since it is only 60+ kilometers away. Sadly, we didn’t stay long at the house because we had to rush back to Muar. Last night, we were supposed to host a kenduri selamat at our new place, but we didn’t manage to get there in time, so the kenduri selamat started and also finished without us. A big thanks to family in law who helped us to host the kenduri… And today, people from furniture company is coming to our new house to deliver our purchases (Yeaayy, EXCITED!!).

When I was at home (Sabak Bernam), suddenly I realized that I really missed the place. I missed my cats too, but sad to say, they don’t recognize me anymore. 😦 Another one thing that I noticed yesterday was our rambutan tree. It is now starting to grow its fruits! They are all still green and yellow, but in a couple weeks, kenduri rambutan lah mak ngn ayah. 😀

Speaking about mom, I actually pity her staying alone at home since ayah is always busy with meetings, events and stuff. Maklumla.. Ketua kampung.. And it’s hard to ask them to come here too, to stay at my new house even only for few days. My parents have only been here once, which was on my wedding day. Mom has never tasted Mee Bandung Muar and I really want her to taste it (sebab everytime I gave her Mee Bandung Muar instant paste, mak akan buat and letak air banyak2 so the kuah selalu cair. Dah ckp banyak kali kuah Mee Bandung Muar pekat, mak x percaya). Yesterday when I saw her, mom said she was just fine being alone at home, but I’m still persuading her and ayah to come here this weekend. I’m gonna use all my tricks as a second youngest daughter of the family. I’m better at persuading forcing them into things compared to my little sis. In fact, I’m actually the youngest because she looks overly matured for her age. People always think I am the ‘Adik’ anyway, which pisses her off. :-p

Okay, so, back to the main point. Since we are moving into a new house, we need a lot of things especially furniture and electrical appliances. The important ones such as rice cooker, iron, vacuum cleaner, oven and many others. Not to forget, the unimportant ones such as juice and coffee maker and sandwich maker. THANK GOD, I got all this as presents on my wedding day. There are too many sets of glasses too which helps us a lot to save our money. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU, MY DEAR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND STUDENTS who have made our life easier by giving us those. Thank you so much!

Full with a lot of stuff. Haha

The backseat is also full. Like, fully full!


 The other day, I was thinking to host a BBQ party (house warming party lah kunun) at our new house, only if we have enough time, budget and God’s willing. It’ll be good to reunite with friends before the school starts right? But if not now during the school break, we’ll do it later. I told my husband about this idea and he just said ‘Hmmmmm……..’ *long pause*.

Honestly, I’m not sure what that means.

Owh, suddenly I miss BBQ parties that my friends and I always had when we were in Aussie.. Those marinated wings from the Valley were sooo good!! I miss the taste of it! Aiseh, kalau nanti dah pregnant,  craving wings from the Valley camane? Taknak yang lain, nak yang from the Valley jugak. Haha

The marinated wings from the Valley. If I'm not mistaken, yg ni honey with soy sauce flavour. Ke ape tah.. This picture is taken during our Aidilfitri Open House in West End, 2008

Okay, I gotta go. Today, I’m gonna soo busy being Eric Leong, decorating my house! Yeah!

p/s – Did I say this is just a quick update? Apparently, it’s not as quickie as I thought. Haha


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