Introducing, SAMMY WINCHESTER! No, Not The One From Supernatural.


Regarding to this entry, I now get a new phone! YEEEAAAAYYYY! I didn’t buy it tho, it is a gift from my beloved husband, Mr.Gonzales. Hihi. I think by now, you already can guess what phone I am using. Well, I’m gonna give you the name first. Haha. In case you don’t know, it’s my thing to name all my favourite stuff.

So, let me introduce you,


(Yes, the name is after the character Sam Winchester, from Supernatural).

Enjoy the pictures of my Sammy and keep scrolling down to see why did I choose S2 over 4S.

This is his 'baju'.

His new baju! I like the casing! So classy. Haha. And the phone string is actually given from one of my students in SKTJ, as a farewell present. 🙂

Tadaaaaa! The white Samsung S2, it's just what I want. And Sammy is so cute!

The main wallpaper+screen

The menu+apps and etc

The text messaging.. Saje try2 ngn hubby. Haha

Conversation with mom when she was in Bandung. Haha

The Facebook apps..

Whatsapp with Ida. Haha.

Okay, like I said in previous entry, I was torn apart between iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2, and finally I stick to my decision to buy S2 that now is named, Sammy.

Before I go further, what I’m gonna write here is solely based on my point of view and ‘interviews’ from other users. It could be wrong so, it’s up to you to judge.

There are few reasons actually. The main reason is, Samsung is a better-built design compared to iPhone 4S. I mean, it’s tougher. It is proven through the drop test between 4S and S2 on a Youtube. I am not sure if that test is actually a fake, but I don’t wanna take a risk because I’m a person who always drops stuff. Ape bnda yang aku pegang x jatuh? Semuanya jatuh. Laptop pon penah jatuh. Haha.

Another reason is, I like the design of this smartphone. Although it is slightly bigger than iPhone 4S, yet it is thinner and sleeker, which I think looks more modern. I always like sleek phones. Regardless what brand they are, sleek phones are cool. And 4S is not cool enough for me. Hihi. That’s what I think lah, you can always disagree. 🙂

Some of my friends has advised me to take iPhone. Well, I think it’s mainly because that’s what they like, for example Salina. She asked me to buy iPhone, and I asked why? She said, because she SIMPLY likes Apple. Tu je. Kalau tanye lain, dier tak tau kot. Hahahaha. But to me, I know and admit that iPhone 4S is famous for its popular applications and some of them are sooo cool, but I don’t really mind. For a fact, Samsung is the best Android phone.  Apple products MAY have high quality and they are PROBABLY the best, but it is not the same case with this particular product, iPhone 4S. I have read many negative reviews about this smartphone, on the Internet and also from my friends who are using 4S. That’s why I choose Samsung S2.

The other day, I saw some of Apple fans wrote this somewhere on a few websites when Samsung Galaxy S2 keep winning the argument of which one is better, Hate Apple = Can’t Afford Apple. Haha. Is this a joke? Because if it is, then it is a good joke, it’s really funny!

And no, I don’t hate Apple. In fact, I’m dying to get a Macbook if this Fifi Winchester (my pink Vaio laptop) dies on me one day. It’s just that, I’m not into iPhone 4S because I think (I repeat, I THINK), unlike any other Apple products which are mostly genius, this particular gadget from Apple, is not so much.

Okay, I rest my case.


2 thoughts on “Introducing, SAMMY WINCHESTER! No, Not The One From Supernatural.

  1. salina0117 says:

    hahha. siot ngumpat i!! hahaha. i didnt ask u to buy iphone la, u asked me if i were u i would buy ape, i said la iphone, sbb i suke apple. ahhahahha.

    n mmg btol u suke jatuhkan brg. hahahahha.

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