iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2?


I need a new phone. I have been wanting one since I lost my beloved Nokia (it was stolen), which was almost 4 months ago. At that time, rumours had it that iPhone 5 would be coming soon. Well, it has now arrived, but the name is iPhone 4S. So, I had made up my mind that I would totally buy it. Then…………. I heard about Samsung Galaxy S2. It is a battle of which one is better compared to the other. It is a tough battle for iPhone I think, since Samsung Galaxy offers similar, probably BETTER features, for A LOT LOWER PRICE, which attracts a lot of people, including me.

Up to this point, I am still torn apart whether I wanna get an iPhone or an Android, and I am just clear about one thing, ‘I’m gonna get a new phone before the school break starts’. So, I googled to find the information about these two smart phones so that I won’t regret my decision later.

I found a great article, at this website. It gives crystal differences (strengths or weaknesses, whatever you call it) and I think it’s very helpful for those who are still deciding which one of these two is gonna be their new baby.

In case you are too lazy to click on the website, here I’m quoting few points mentioned in that article.

The Look and The Feel

Besides the fact that S2 is slightly larger yet thinner than iPhone 4s, still, “When it comes to the quality of the construction both are very well made, and while the overall feel of the iPhone 4S is better. The Samsung Galaxy S2 uses Gorilla Glass, which is much, much tougher than the screen of the iPhone S4. The evidence of this is in the testing, and this video shows just how much better the structure of the Samsung Galaxy S2 really is at withstanding damage.”


The performance of these two is quite SIMILAR, however, “While the A5 chipset used in the iPhone 4S is slightly less powerful than the Galaxy S2, it is still twice as powerful as the original iPhone 4. This means that while the difference between the S2 and the 4S is pretty small, you will definitely notice the difference if you are upgrading your iPhone!”


“While the list of Android apps is growing fast, it is still a long way off matching the huge amount of iStore apps that can be downloaded. If you are looking for niche apps for your smart phone, you may have more luck with the iPhone for a while longer yet!”


Bluetooth 4.0 offered by iPhone 4s is obviously much better than Bluetooth 3.0 by Samsung Galaxy S2, but “When it comes to connectivity the Samsung Galaxy S2 bring the benefit of 4G to the table. This means you actually get decent connection speeds, which are much faster than those of 3G (Which is as fast as the iPhone 4S goes). While 4G is a huge advantage in speed, 4G coverage is still a little low in many areas. So it may still be a while before you will see the benefits of this regularly.”


Both camera offers 8 megapixel at the back but Samsung Galaxy S2 also comes with 2 megapixel camera at the front. Even though so, “Both the cameras are great quality, and while they don’t really compare to a stand alone camera, they are fantastic from a smart phone standpoint.”

Okay. Enough quotation. I don’t think I need another one second to decide which of these two babies I’m gonna buy.
My mind is finally made up, and I’m gonna buy ‘it’ soon!

Which ‘it’? I’ll announce it later. After I buy it, of course. Toodles.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2?

  1. salina0117 says:

    i thnk i know which one u r considering. but i hv a feeling u’ll change ur mind. *pandai2 je i*. nnt bila u da beli i’ll tell u btul or x my guess.

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