To Look Good, Is To Feel Good


It’s the weekend now! The room is messy and I decided to tidy it. But well, with hubby sleeping in the bed, his T-shirts and jeans all over the room, not helping at all I may add, makes me reconsider that thought. Unlike the other night when he was doing the same thing (again), this time, I decided not to be mad. Anger equals to wasting energy. So, I just smiled and threw all of his clothes on the floor, on the stool, on the bed to the laundry basket, and after that, FOCUSED ON MY MAKE-UP TABLE. ONLY. I’ll get back to the tidying part later.

Dusting the table, forcing me to rearrange my precious little things on the table such as lipsticks, eyeliners, brooches, lotions and stuff. So, why not I take pictures of them before kemas balik kan? Just for fun.

My lipsticks+lipgloss collection. Actually, there's another one with darker colour, but I think I lost it.

My eye make-up! Yes, I don't use them all but this collection of mine, is my favourite!

Treatment and some make-up for my face. As you can see, I don't use much product for my face. Just a moisturizer, BB cream, and compact powder, and a blusher for finishing if I go out. My face is quite sensitive.

I have wasted so much money on this? Never mind, they're all worth it. Haha

My set of brushes.

Owh, my Cohort 3 friends! Any of you still have this?

My perfume. I only have a few. Unlike some people, I love to have my own signature scent. If this one is finished, I'll go and buy the same one. 🙂

Brooches and bangles.. :-D. Owh, do you notice that Australia stamp that I have in the box? It's been 5 years and still keep it until now.

Lotion and talcum powder, dedodorant and stuff..

After I rearranged them. There's an Adara White on the pink box, that's my supplement.

What's in the box??

I honestly, seriously don’t use them all. There is a lot of stuff that I bought and have never used it at all. It just makes me happy buying those and seeing my collection gets bigger, that’s all. And I love to add more to my brooches and bangles collection. So, feel free to give me those as presents. HAHAHAHAHA

Okay, bye.

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
― Gwyneth Paltrow


4 thoughts on “To Look Good, Is To Feel Good

    • emywinchester says:

      haha. if u still remember, that eyeshadow maybelline (biru), and the mascara (maybelline jugak), u all ade guna during EKKA performance. it’s from 2007 and i still have it until now. haha. and the eyelash curler tu pon i rase beli ngn u skali coz i bought it together with the nail clipper. hehe

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