The New Friend On My Wrist, :-)

I’ve been meaning to write about my new school, SK Parit Jawa, Muar but I’ll save it for later part.

Yesterday, I went to Jusco Bandaraya Melaka to watch movies (Killer Elite best!), as well as to find a new watch. Why? Here’s why.

My old Swatch! Waaaaa! ūüė¶

We went to Swatch to fix it, but as expected, it couldn’t be fixed. All of the three hooks were already broken (well,I dropped it to the floor several times, so of course by now they were already broken *shrug*). So, the solution is, BUY A NEW ONE. I don’t want anymore Swatch, so I went to another watch store.

I like Fossil, but their designs are mostly yg tali kecik2 tu. Those kinds of watch didn’t look nice on my BONEY wrist. So, I bought Esprit.

Hubby letih melayan his fussy wife. He faked the smile.

I think it was more than 5 times she altered the watch band. Tangan kecik gile kot.

The 2-year warranty..


Get a closer look.

I left my another watch at home (Sabak Bernam). So, I have been ‘watchless’ for a week here. Suffering! Rase kosong tangan ni (bygkan Mami Jarum without her gold bangles, mcm tu laa..). Now that I have a new watch, I am now full of confidence!!! HAHA

Okay, I’m actually late to Apek’s wedding in Pahang. Hubby dah bising. Gotta go, bye.


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