Entah. Entri Tidak Bertajuk.

Okay, I actually don’t really know what to write here. I just logged in, clicked ‘New Post’ and here…. Speaking gibberish again? Maybe.

Just now, hubby was making a big fuss when I said, ‘I’ll be going back there on Sunday’ (FYI, I am in Sabak Bernam, to collect my things). It’s only a joke. I am actually leaving for Muar tomorrow. When I told him that (the joke), he was like, ‘terkapai2’ already. Chill man! I guess he has no company to watch Gossip Girl with. Muahaha. That’s what I am there for. I mean, one of the reasons.

Argh! I’m running out of words here. Bye.

p/s- Yes. Entry ni memang xder point.


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