Every Beginning Has An Ending, And Every Ending Is A New Beginning

It feels like yesterday that I came to SKTJ for the first time to report duty, [click] and today, I’m already in somewhere else, leaving the school.

It had been what….? 1 year and 9 months?  Not even two years and I had to leave. I honestly didn’t see this coming. I mean, it was too soon. I was planning to apply for EG-Tukar for Pertukaran Sesi January 2012, but before I was able to do that, I was called by the JPNS in August, to consider this Pertukaran Negeri [click]. Okay, I’m not gonna talk about me going to Muar, instead, I’m gonna talk about me, leaving SKTJ.

A week before I left the school, I was always not in the mood. I felt so anxious about everything. About going to new school, about leaving the school, about having new friends, about teaching new students, about living far from family, even about being away from my cats, yeah, like I said, EVERYTHING. I actually didn’t want to tell my students that I was leaving because I knew, there would be questions, and I guess you guys know, questions that coming from kids are mostly hard to answer. But one week before UPSR, I felt like I had to tell my Year 6 kids that I am not gonna be there when the results come out. I wanted them to do the best during the examination. I wanted them to make me proud. I still do. That’s when the first tear dropped. I couldn’t control it, but I still wanted them to know that whatever they did to me, or whatever things that I said to them during class, it still wouldn’t break the love that I had for them.

Well, not just them, but all students in SKTJ, from pre-school kids until Year 6. From these seven classes, I taught four of them (Year 1, 4, 5 and 6) so I knew more than half of the students in this school. I know their backgrounds, their families, and some of them know my family too. It’s a small school, everybody knows everybody. We were like one big family. It didn’t take me long to get used to this school when I first arrived, coz they were very friendly. Besides, I was at own place, my town. What could be more comfortable rather than being at your own home?

I have a lot of bittersweet memories here. I bought my own first car when I was working here [click], I changed my single status to married [click], I threatened my GPK for my own benefit (no link to this point because this was a regular routine, and I think I WASN’T the only one who did that, haha), my first fight with the headmaster ([click] this was actually ‘sweet’ because I managed to stand for what I believe in front of him), my first fight with a parent because I taught his son a lesson for calling me ‘Babi’ [click], my SPP process ([click]now sudah sah dalam perkhidmatan yaw! Thanks KakGee). This is only a few. I’m too lazy to dig back all the entries. Ah.. Memories!

Last Friday, when we had Majlis Khatam Al-Quran dan Jamuan Raya, they actually gave me a chance to deliver a speech. A farewell speech. I was quite shocked when KakMimi (the MC) suddenly called out my name. At first I didn’t want to because the truth, I knew I would cry. Again. But since everybody was looking at me, seeing those eyes of the students, I surrendered.

Then……….. As expected, it was a very short speech, with ‘looooooong emotional’ pauses. I abruptly finished the speech and walked out of the hall, to the ladies room. God, only He knew how I felt.

Some of the pictures taken on my last day in SKTJ. Credits to KakShimah.

My Year 4 kids..

My Year 5 kids..


So sweeeett.... :'-)

From one of my Year 5 kids.. I'll miss you too..

The presents I got from the students.. Thank you all. Price doesn't matter, it's the thoughts that counts.

my sayangs... in 10 years, i might forget your name, but i'll keep this moment close to my heart. :'-)

I won’t forget this school. Though it’s less than two years being at this school, I think I have learnt a lot, improved myself a lot. I can’t really list down what are the things that have been improved but, I would say, I am proud of myself. I now know things better, know people better, and appreciate both of them better. And I think, even it’s not much, all the things that we’ve been through together in SKTJ, helps to make me a better person.

Thank you SKTJ.


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