The Damn Monthly Disease!

This is what I hate the most.

It’s the psycho stage u have to get through before your time of the month.
It’s called………….


I’m starting to hate people lately, my mood doesn’t only swing, it’s now like a crazy roller coaster, one minute I’m okay, next thing I know, I start throwing swearing words.

Everybody and everything around me suddenly seems soooo annoying to my eyes. I feel so lazy and not motivated to do this and that..

I lost my appetite especially at home, I feel like crying, screaming all the time, I feel so sorry for myself (dunno for what reason). I feel so weak.

I am not happy.

And I totally hate this!

Arghhh!!! I’m talking crap in my blog again!!!
Haih.. Guys, just excuse me,
and this stupid entry.
p/s – macam gila. 

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