Okay, I have been meaning to talk about this, for a long time. Actually, the other day, I already tweeted about this in my twitter, now I wanna talk about the same thing, in my blog. It just irritates me so much lah!

People people, especially ladies, women and teenage girls.

Let me get this right to the heart of this matter. Okay?

It’s about your spelling guys. Do you have to be that PELAT in your Malay writing?? Do you, like, SERIOUSLY, have to write ‘marah’ as in ‘mawah’?? ‘Lari’ as in ‘lawi’?? ‘Story’ as in ‘stowy’?? (Just to list a few here.) Why the hell do you need to replace the letter ‘R’ to the fuckin ‘W’??

Do you think it’s cute?? To me, it’s more like a retard! Please la weiii… X paham lah!

Okay, I don’t mean you have to write perfect Bahasa Melayu baku in your casual/informal writing, in your text messages or whatsoever, but don’t alter the spelling too much until it becomes so ridiculous and not making any sense! Seriously, I have to read very slow and sometimes I have to read twice or thrice to really understand what are you retards trying to say! It’s mentally tiring! Sungguh!

Sikit-sikit sudah la.. Like, ‘hari’ becomes ‘ari’ ke.. ‘Tidak apa’ becomes ‘takper’ ke, ‘Lagi’ becomes ‘lgi’ ke, ‘Tidak payah’ becomes ‘takyah’ ke, ‘Ada’ becomes ‘ade’ ke, ‘Belum’ becomes ‘blom’ ke, ‘Ambil’ becomes ‘amek’ ke… I mean, the ones that are not too weird and too ‘fancy’. The common ones. Nak bace pon senang.

Honestly, ade banyak lagi spelling yang pelik2 kan.. I don’t really care about other styles of ‘fancy’ spelling, nak letak ‘Takpe’ jadi ‘takpeww’ ke, ”Saje’ jadi ‘sajeewww’ ke, whatever lah.. I don’t really ambik port sangat, but changing this R sound to W sound, it really annoys me. I have to read mcm budak yg takde lidah.

Haih, just meluahkan perasaan coz I was just text messaging with this person, who is actually an adult, but texting like a 3 year-old kid. PELAT!

Agaknya button R kat phone kau tu rosak ke hape?
*trying to understand* <– bullshit.


8 thoughts on “PELAT KAH???

  1. salina0117 says:

    ala…sowy ah…jangan mawah mawah, saye budak bawu blaja…

    MUAHHAHAHHAHHA. saje nk tmbah ur menyampah-ness.

  2. anem says:

    emy, bukan setakat R saja…huruf H pun jd W gak kdg2..tahu jd tawu..mahu (atau ‘malu’ sebenarnya?) jd mawu …. adoi laaa diorang ni….

  3. muna says:

    haha.but aku paling meluat yg saje jd sajew..gile jd gilew..ko/kau jd kow!wth?!!sdp beno cntik beno ke ur0p w tu?mmg mkn maki jela.haha.

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