Another Cool Youtuber, The ShortNap

Still remember about this post??

Yes, the coolest local Youtube celebrities, Matluthfi and Anwar Hadi (Matltuhfi is cooler than AnwarHadi though). I am a fan of them, Matluthfi especially (Matluthfi lagi, haha). I love their brilliant ways of delivering messages through their jokes, it’s very casual and easy to comprehend. Every points taken! Owh, they’re funny too! Kan? Kan?

Anyways, that’s not what I’m gonna tell here. Hm, last night, I just found out there is another cool, well not dude, but cool shawty yo, that vlogs too!

Taadaa! The coolest female vlogger, Maria Elena

As I watched this yesterday, then only I noticed Maria Elena’s existence in this vlogging world. Maybe aku yang lambat ke ape, dunno lah, but I’ve never heard of her before. This is her first video that I watched.

Her videos are so raw, not cover-cover cun like most bitches in front of camera yang terkepot-kepot, tersenyum kambing, malu-malu, mengade2, huh, “menyampah you!”. She is soo selamba, salah ke betul, belasah ja, so funny! I don’t think I can be like that in front of the camera, by myself pon x boleh, let alone to be watched by the world. Haha. That explains why I’m still blogging (YES, with the ‘B’ there, not ‘V’). Whatever.

Anyways, actually I haven’t watched all her videos lah, to be honest (I just found her account last night, x sempat lagi nak watch). Hihi. But from the videos that I have watched, I think she’s worth watching, seriously. For me lah. :-p


Still, my favourite of all, sape lagi.. Matluthfi!  (Gaya gedik mcm Maria Elena)

p/s – I might post two entries today.. Hm.. I dunno, maybe.


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