A Bee Is Never As Busy As It Seems, Huh!

… I’m busier!

This is the busiest month ever. I’ve never felt like stopping for a while for a gasp of air, but this time, I have. I’m swamped!!

Being the Sports Secretary is tiring. It is Super Tiring, with capital S and T. All the paper work, invitation letters to other schools, looking for sponsorship and volunteers to be the officers at the field, ordering Sports Tshirts for students and officers, preparing this form and that form. Argh! It may sound not so tiring, but at the same time, I’m also a class teacher. I have to finish analyzing, doing post-mortem for the Mid Term Examination for my class (just so you know, not all teachers could finish marking on time, so I had to wait for them). Also, I’m teaching four standards at once, Year 1, Year 4, 5 and 6. Being a Year 6 ENGLISH teacher, I have to conduct night tuition for my students.

How could I not get a migraine?

Actually, there was a solution to this heavy workload. Haha. I had to start doing this early la kan? Like MONTHS early. It’s all about time management. However, with my BEST FRIEND dunia akhirat called Procrastination was with me, clinging to me every day and night, I swear it wasn’t easy.

But nways, I managed to prepare all that with help by the concerned colleagues. Thank you very much. There were some who didn’t wanna help, but never mind. I do payback time, not too worry.

Besides being the Secretary, I actually ‘accidentally’ appointed myself to be the MC (stupid stupid stupid). So, I will be hosting the event from 8.00 in the morning, until probably 5.30 or 6.00 in the evening. From forcing myself to MCing, now I feel like, I fall in love with it, especially being the commentator. Actually for this sports event, I am the first MC. It means, I will take care of the opening event, price giving ceremony and the closing event. Bahagian protokol lah senang cerita. The second MC is the commentator for every acara. It’s more casual. During this one week sports practice, I had to be both, the first MC and also the commentator. I find that being the commentator is much more fun (because it is spontaneous), rather than being the formal MC. I really really enjoyed it. 😀

I consider myself as Hasbullah Awang, the famous Malaysian sports commentator. Heh, why Hasbullah Awang? Because I only know him. Haha. You know I used to memorize quite a lot of EPL commentators, it was in those days, when I really really liked to watch football, but now I forget all of their names.

Okay lah. I wanna have lunch and after that, take a nap (lepas makan tidur, memang bagus prangai).

Before I sign out, here’s a picture of me joining Larian 1 Murid 1 Sukan 1 Malaysia this morning. I ran okay, not walked. It’s been a while since I ran like that. Semput jugak. Tanda-tanda tua? I hope not. I just lack of exercise, that’s all.

Depan sekali tuuuu!

Hoping for a fine day and smooth event tomorrow. Amin.


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