A Tribute To Sica

*This isn’t Sica, but it has black fur, just like this. Keep reading and you’ll know why I hardly have her picture.*

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I was so shocked when I found my cat dead yesterday morning. At that time, I was on the way to school. First I thought it wasn’t her, but it really looked like Sica, with the short tail and black+orange fur. I was in the car and wanted to stop, but I couldn’t coz I was already late to school. So I called my dad and ask him to check it. Few minutes after that, I called dad again and he told me that it was Sica. Huhu


Sica was actually the third kitten of Peah (memandai je aku ckp third), a stray cat that I adopted to be my own cat. Sica was born in August 2010. I don’t remember the date, but I do remember the place of birth. It was in my dad’s old Volvo (BELIEVE IT!). That was their home for a few weeks before I bought them a big cage. Dad was fine with it (I guess? *shrug*) coz he didn’t use that antique car anymore. So, anyways, there were 4 kittens at that time, Heechul, Sooyoung, Sica and an unnamed kitten (he died before being named). These three kittens have been part of me since then.

I took care of them, bathed them, fed them, woke up in the middle of the night just to make sure they were okay before going back to bed, bought them to the vets when they got eye infections ALONE (imagine me handling those three kittens in a car who were sooo afraid of the sound of car engine), postponed most of my vacation plans coz I was afraid no one was going to take care of them and etc etc. Owh, not to forget, I lied to the school administration that I had an appointment with a doctor so that I could go back early, when actually, I went to the vets cos one of my kittens had fever.


It was my routine to let them out of the cage at 4.30 or 5pm every evening, let them play, explored things around them, and when it was Maghrib, I would put them back into their cage. Sica was the MOST DIFFICULT one. Every time I wanted to put her into the cage, she would run here and there, climb this tree and that tree, I have to wait for her to climb down and chased her again. Sampai kadang2 almost 8pm baru dapat tangkap. Tu pun dah sweat gile and bengang2. Haha. She really hated the cage.

There was one day, when I got back from school, I saw Heechul and Sooyoung were sleeping on a shoe rack. I guess someone, either my father or sister, must have taken them out of the cage and forgot to put them back in. At that time, I didn’t see Sica. I tried to look for her, but x jumpe. So I thought xper la, petang nnti ade kot. But when it was already 7pm, Sica was still nowhere to be found. I looked for her sampai rumah jiran sebelah, but still xjumpe. Long story short, I found her in a bush. Heechul helped me to find it (He sat there and kept meowing, mmg pandai lah Heechul ni). I called Sica but she didn’t move. I checked her legs, and found that one of her hind legs was like terkulai already. It was broken kot. That was why I couldn’t find her that afternoon. Maybe she was there in the bush and couldn’t move because she broke her leg. Dahla ujan kejap tengahari tu. Kesian btol.

I took her, washed her leg, put some minyak gamat and wrapped her with my old unused tshirt before putting her back into the cage. For a few weeks, my job of putting them to their cage every evening was easier. I didn’t have to run here and there chasing Sica again coz she just rested in the cage since her leg was still not recovered. Haha. Bagus jugak dier injured time tu.

But even when she was fully recovered, she still couldn’t walk properly. She walked like terhencot2, but when she was running and climbing up the trees, she seemed just fine. Since then, Sica was called, Si Cacat.

Owh, how I miss her!

I don’t really have pictures of her to put here because she was the least favourite (because she was sooo black and x berape cantik compared to Heechul and Sooyoung) but this is the only picture that I have in my disk.

My darlings when they were soo little..

Sica, she was the quietest, the most independent. She was sooo special. Even though she wasn’t my favourite cat, but still, her death affected me a little bit. She really was something.


Rest in peace, Sica. :’-(


Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

Skies are crying, I am watching
Catching tear drops in my hands
Only silence, as it’s ending
Like we never had a chance

Do you have to make me feel like
there’s nothing left of me?

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I’m made of glass
Like I’m made of paper
Go on a try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

As the smoke clears, I awaken
and untangle you from me
Would it make you, feel better
to watch me while I bleed?

All my windows still are broken
But I’m standing on my feet

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I’m made of glass
Like I’m made of paper
Go on a try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

Go run, run, run
I’m gonna stay right here, watch you disappear
Go run, run, run
Yeah, it’s a long way down
But I am closer to the clouds up here

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I’m made of glass
Like I’m made of paper
Ohh Ohh
Go on a try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

(Like a skyscraper)

Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

It actually started from this,

Thank you Jan dearie!! 🙂

I heard my niece played this song on her laptop and I asked her, “Eh, Kaklong! Who’s that? Mcm suara Demi je (I know her style of singing, mcm suara x cukup nafas tu)’, and she said, ‘Haah. Lagu baru.’ And I was like, ‘Hu… Tak tau pon. So ketinggalan.’

Personally, the first time I read the lyrics, I think it’s biasa2 only, but when I watched the MV, whoa. She was sooo emotional filming+singing it! She turns the lyrics yg biasa2 to become something that is sooo real! I replayed it again and again, just to watch her honesty and vulnerability in that video. BOLD!

I thought it was because of her break-up with that lame ass Joe, somehow helped her to be that good in that video, but no. People said she filmed the MV before everything happened (Oh gosh, do I sound like E-Buzz now?).


Okay. She heard the song somewhere last year BEFORE EVERYTHING HAPPENED, but the MV was filmed, AFTER THE BREAK-UP, THE REHAB, THE CUTTINGS etc. That’s why she sounded sooo strained. So, my first assumption was 98% right (it’s just that, it wasn’t just Joe, it was everything she’s been through). She tells everything through the song. Such a strong girl!

Hmm.. So she really nailed it!

p/s -Have I mentioned that Demi Lovato’s So Random has been my bedtime series lately? Owh, yes! I’m a Disney person. I’m proud of it. :-p

p/s/s – I’m a Demi’s fan too. And have I mentioned that she REPLIED my tweet TWICE??! I’ll show you the proof, in next (probably next, and next, and next) entry.

The Damn Monthly Disease!

This is what I hate the most.

It’s the psycho stage u have to get through before your time of the month.
It’s called………….


I’m starting to hate people lately, my mood doesn’t only swing, it’s now like a crazy roller coaster, one minute I’m okay, next thing I know, I start throwing swearing words.

Everybody and everything around me suddenly seems soooo annoying to my eyes. I feel so lazy and not motivated to do this and that..

I lost my appetite especially at home, I feel like crying, screaming all the time, I feel so sorry for myself (dunno for what reason). I feel so weak.

I am not happy.

And I totally hate this!

Arghhh!!! I’m talking crap in my blog again!!!
Haih.. Guys, just excuse me,
and this stupid entry.
p/s – macam gila. 



Everything malas.

Ade keja tapi MALAS buat.

Rase lapar tapi MALAS makan.

Nak text Mr.Gonzales tapi MALAS nk tekan buttons kat phone tu.

Nak call Mr.Gonzales tapi MALAS nk bukak mulut, MALAS nk keluar suare.

Battery phone pon kejap lagi kong tpi MALAS nk charge.

What’s wrong with me today? Everything pon malas.

Feeling soooooooooooo demotivated.

Sayang, I need you here… 😦

Miss u..


Okay, I have been meaning to talk about this, for a long time. Actually, the other day, I already tweeted about this in my twitter, now I wanna talk about the same thing, in my blog. It just irritates me so much lah!

People people, especially ladies, women and teenage girls.

Let me get this right to the heart of this matter. Okay?

It’s about your spelling guys. Do you have to be that PELAT in your Malay writing?? Do you, like, SERIOUSLY, have to write ‘marah’ as in ‘mawah’?? ‘Lari’ as in ‘lawi’?? ‘Story’ as in ‘stowy’?? (Just to list a few here.) Why the hell do you need to replace the letter ‘R’ to the fuckin ‘W’??

Do you think it’s cute?? To me, it’s more like a retard! Please la weiii… X paham lah!

Okay, I don’t mean you have to write perfect Bahasa Melayu baku in your casual/informal writing, in your text messages or whatsoever, but don’t alter the spelling too much until it becomes so ridiculous and not making any sense! Seriously, I have to read very slow and sometimes I have to read twice or thrice to really understand what are you retards trying to say! It’s mentally tiring! Sungguh!

Sikit-sikit sudah la.. Like, ‘hari’ becomes ‘ari’ ke.. ‘Tidak apa’ becomes ‘takper’ ke, ‘Lagi’ becomes ‘lgi’ ke, ‘Tidak payah’ becomes ‘takyah’ ke, ‘Ada’ becomes ‘ade’ ke, ‘Belum’ becomes ‘blom’ ke, ‘Ambil’ becomes ‘amek’ ke… I mean, the ones that are not too weird and too ‘fancy’. The common ones. Nak bace pon senang.

Honestly, ade banyak lagi spelling yang pelik2 kan.. I don’t really care about other styles of ‘fancy’ spelling, nak letak ‘Takpe’ jadi ‘takpeww’ ke, ”Saje’ jadi ‘sajeewww’ ke, whatever lah.. I don’t really ambik port sangat, but changing this R sound to W sound, it really annoys me. I have to read mcm budak yg takde lidah.

Haih, just meluahkan perasaan coz I was just text messaging with this person, who is actually an adult, but texting like a 3 year-old kid. PELAT!

Agaknya button R kat phone kau tu rosak ke hape?
*trying to understand* <– bullshit.