Mengadu Session

Dear Blind Kitten, I nk cerita, ilangkan tensen.

Malas gila nak mampos la buat lesson plans untuk Monday. Ada 4 classes. This is my first time I brought my record book home for this year. Biasenye, mang I submit on Friday, tpi hari tu memang x sempat.

Eii! Malas! Boleh tak kalau tak buat lesson plans? It’s not that I follow every steps pon dlm lesson plans tu, and sometimes what I delivered in class was much better than what I wrote in that book. My reason tulis lesson plans ni just nak mengaburi mata Encik2 PPD yg sibuk+poyo nk datang sekola jer. A record book is a book of lie. I read this somewhere.

Haih. Petang esok ada Mesyuarat AJK PIBG pulak psl sukan. Eeiii!! Susah btol jadi org penting ni! <– Perasan.

Emosi tgh x stabil sbb banyak kerja bertangguh. Padan muka. Okay, thank you Blind Kitten for lending me your ears.


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