Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #19

Just got back from pekan. I’m such an idiot. Niat di hati nk photostat ntok class esok, but bende nk diphotostat x bwk. So, just went straight home. Buang masa and minyak keta jer. Huh!

Nways, my new layout. What do you think huh? Mr.Gonzales likes it. He said, it’s simple and not too crowded like before. I designed the background myself, that explains why is it sooo… amateur, but takpe lah. Daku memang ada penyakit x suke theme blog daku same ngn org lain, that’s why buat sndiri. Haha. FYI, I just bought a WordPress plugin to change the fonts in my blog for $30. I always have issues with WordPress fonts. Too small lah, too thin lah, too big lah. not funky at all. So, by using this plugin, I can change the head and title fonts, the body texts sesuka hati. (Daku tgh pujuk myself that this is not pembaziran).

The $30 set-of-fonts that I'm using right now.

Some random fact – I always think WordPress is much cooler and classier than Blogspot. That’s why semua bnda pon kena byr! Haha. 

 Okay, this entry is supposed to be a Catchin-Up series.

1. Firstly, my transfer application to Muar dengan segala hormatnya was rejected. As usual, the primary reason was because there were not many English teachers in this district, so they would not let go of any English teachers especially TESLian like moi.


2. Next, last school holiday, we had a family vacation at Bukit Merah, Perak. Actually, we wanted to go to Kuala Terengganu, Cherating (shopping2) but at the last minute, we decided to dedicate the vacation to the kids, my little nephews and nieces. Ye la.. Budak2 kalau ikut jalan2 shopping, nanti diorg boring. So, bwk pegi theme park. It’s okay, we’ll have another adult vacation next time.

Best girls+ Best friends..

KakSeha with our Darlene @ Darling!

Danish. He's one of a kind. Get to know him, and you'll know why. Haih la ini budak. Haha

Hotel Pool ramai2..

KakLong and KakNgah, showing off their original BigBang tshirts (fanatic Kpop fans)

On the boat to Orang Utan Island, with nephew Aneeq.

Jidin and Sarah, the Orang Utan babies.

Before goin for dinner, KakNgah, Darling and I.

Mom and Dad... 🙂

Beloved hubby and I before goin back to Selangor.

3. I lost my phone and this is my first time losing this type of gadget (benda lain memang banyak kali lah, especially wallet). It was either misplaced or stolen, but I second the latter. Never mind lah. Daku halalkan sapa ambik. I was planning to buy a new one pon (tah bila la…). So, as for now, I’m using sis’ Mini Nokia N97 until I got the new iPhone4 (again, tah bila laaa…).

My previous phone.. Sob Sob.. Banyak sweet texts from Mr.Gonzales dlm ni.. Huhu..

My current (temporary) phone.. Okay, it's actually sis', pinjam jer before beli baru.

My future phone. Eh?

4. Still remember bout this post?  I was talking bout the day I got my P for the car license. Now, I’m no longer P holder. Yeah! During those 2 years (2009-2011), I only had 2 speeding tickets and 1 car accident (only minor scratches, beautifully repainted by Uncle Gim Lee, Alhamdulillah).


No more P!

5. Heechul is sick. He kept being attacked by this one vavi cat until he was badly injured. Huhu.. Poor my baby. Look what that vavi cat has done to my poor love. Sampai demam2.

Swollen paw.. Mcm belon. Huhu..

I still couldn’t catch that vavi cat lah. He quickly ran away every time he saw me (since daku baling dier dengan batu ari tu).

Okay…. I dunno what else to tell here. Everytime buat Catchin-Up memang mcm ni lah. Rase mcm byk nk cerita, but once I typed them down, tak lah banyak mana.

Babai for now.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #19

  1. mr gonzales... says:

    hi there!!!hehe…da lame tk komen..finally ade entry baru..hehe..good job my dear!!! i hope u wil get an iphone 4..haha…pastu kucing bb cepat sembuh…FYI..i saw citam fighting with other cat today..he won!!hahaha..1st victori…tis victory tuk Heechul..semoge cepat sembuh dan mengalah kan d vavi cat..klo nk tag team, panggil citam tau..hehe..skang rekod kemenangan 100%hehe…

    • emywinchester says:

      hehehe.. memang la.. citam besar gile kot. heechul kecik lgi. vavi cat besa mcm citam la, tpi huduh. citam ensem sket. hehe. smalam dhla landing atas Chullie, mendidih darah ni. baling ngn selipar lari lintang pukang. jht btol la. buli heechul, curik mknn heechul. heechul trauma kluar umah skg. nk kluar, intai2 dulu, lame2 smpi x jdi kuar.

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