Pokok by Meet Uncle Hussin feat. Hazama

Tersesat malu bertanya
Tak tahu tak tahu ke mana
Terlalu banyak alasannya
Duk terdiam
Menyusur di kaki lima terlihat bayang wajah kelmarin
Tersentuh hati bagai luruh

Tanya sama pokok
Apa sebab goyang
Jawab angin yang goncang
Terbang burung terbang
Patah sayap diduga
Seandainya rebah kau masih ada

Terlalu mahu dan mahu terlupa apa yang belum
Terlalu banyak alasannya
Duduk terdiam
Tak mudah namun tak susah terserah atas pilihan
Tersentuh hati mula luruh

Ulang [*]

Nanana.. nananana..
Nanana.. nananana..
Nanana.. nananana.. na…

Kau masih ada ulang 2x
Kau masih adaaa… ooooooooo!

Ulang [**]

Tanya sama pokok…

Seminggu ni memang aku duduk padang, coz ada rehearsal untuk Sukan Sekolah. Technician asek play lagu ni jer. Memula dgr, dah tersangkut.

Tajuk dia yang seketul tu je dah buat aku pelik, POKOK??

This song is very figurative. Yes, it’s a heavy song. I like it.

Eh, NO! I don’t like Hazama, I just like song.


Okay, back to work.

Being the Sports Secretary makes me appreciate life and my beauty sleep more and more. Guh! Betapa takde life nye pegang jawatan ni. Smpai migraine you!

Mengadu Session

Dear Blind Kitten, I nk cerita, ilangkan tensen.

Malas gila nak mampos la buat lesson plans untuk Monday. Ada 4 classes. This is my first time I brought my record book home for this year. Biasenye, mang I submit on Friday, tpi hari tu memang x sempat.

Eii! Malas! Boleh tak kalau tak buat lesson plans? It’s not that I follow every steps pon dlm lesson plans tu, and sometimes what I delivered in class was much better than what I wrote in that book. My reason tulis lesson plans ni just nak mengaburi mata Encik2 PPD yg sibuk+poyo nk datang sekola jer. A record book is a book of lie. I read this somewhere.

Haih. Petang esok ada Mesyuarat AJK PIBG pulak psl sukan. Eeiii!! Susah btol jadi org penting ni! <– Perasan.

Emosi tgh x stabil sbb banyak kerja bertangguh. Padan muka. Okay, thank you Blind Kitten for lending me your ears.


Life Is Too Short To Be Wasted

I was looking at the beautiful night sky. I wondered why was it so  bright. I could see there were lots of airplanes flying, doing a formation. It was like aircraft performance that we’ve normally seen on TV during LIMA Langkawi, only with sooo many planes. I’ve never seen as many planes as that doing a performance at once. I think there were about a hundred of them. It was weird.

Only when I took a proper look at it, I realized something. They were NOT planes. I was so scared. I know I should have ran away but it was like my feet were glued to the ground. Those scary bullet bombs were only hovering in the sky before they found their victims. The sky was still bright, but it was not beautiful anymore.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even scream. Suddenly, one of them was flying down straight to me.

In a matter of seconds, I could feel my body was thrown into the air. Really high. It was all dark. I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t hear anything. I waited for my body to touch the ground again, but it didn’t happen. I thought I was dead. That scary silver thing killed me.

“Does this how dying feel like?” I thought to myself. My body was still in the air. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. It was so dark, so silent….

Right then, at that moment, I woke up. I found myself still breathing.
Thank you Allah.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 5. In a few minutes, ayah would wake up to do solat2 sunat while waiting for Subuh.

I took a deep breath, and got up.
As for me, I still had time to perform Isya’.


God is merciful. He didn’t punish me straight away because melengah2kan sembahyang. He did it in my dream first, as a warning. Okay, I took it that way.

Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #19

Just got back from pekan. I’m such an idiot. Niat di hati nk photostat ntok class esok, but bende nk diphotostat x bwk. So, just went straight home. Buang masa and minyak keta jer. Huh!

Nways, my new layout. What do you think huh? Mr.Gonzales likes it. He said, it’s simple and not too crowded like before. I designed the background myself, that explains why is it sooo… amateur, but takpe lah. Daku memang ada penyakit x suke theme blog daku same ngn org lain, that’s why buat sndiri. Haha. FYI, I just bought a WordPress plugin to change the fonts in my blog for $30. I always have issues with WordPress fonts. Too small lah, too thin lah, too big lah. not funky at all. So, by using this plugin, I can change the head and title fonts, the body texts sesuka hati. (Daku tgh pujuk myself that this is not pembaziran).

The $30 set-of-fonts that I'm using right now.

Some random fact – I always think WordPress is much cooler and classier than Blogspot. That’s why semua bnda pon kena byr! Haha. 

 Okay, this entry is supposed to be a Catchin-Up series.

1. Firstly, my transfer application to Muar dengan segala hormatnya was rejected. As usual, the primary reason was because there were not many English teachers in this district, so they would not let go of any English teachers especially TESLian like moi.


2. Next, last school holiday, we had a family vacation at Bukit Merah, Perak. Actually, we wanted to go to Kuala Terengganu, Cherating (shopping2) but at the last minute, we decided to dedicate the vacation to the kids, my little nephews and nieces. Ye la.. Budak2 kalau ikut jalan2 shopping, nanti diorg boring. So, bwk pegi theme park. It’s okay, we’ll have another adult vacation next time.

Best girls+ Best friends..

KakSeha with our Darlene @ Darling!

Danish. He's one of a kind. Get to know him, and you'll know why. Haih la ini budak. Haha

Hotel Pool ramai2..

KakLong and KakNgah, showing off their original BigBang tshirts (fanatic Kpop fans)

On the boat to Orang Utan Island, with nephew Aneeq.

Jidin and Sarah, the Orang Utan babies.

Before goin for dinner, KakNgah, Darling and I.

Mom and Dad... 🙂

Beloved hubby and I before goin back to Selangor.

3. I lost my phone and this is my first time losing this type of gadget (benda lain memang banyak kali lah, especially wallet). It was either misplaced or stolen, but I second the latter. Never mind lah. Daku halalkan sapa ambik. I was planning to buy a new one pon (tah bila la…). So, as for now, I’m using sis’ Mini Nokia N97 until I got the new iPhone4 (again, tah bila laaa…).

My previous phone.. Sob Sob.. Banyak sweet texts from Mr.Gonzales dlm ni.. Huhu..

My current (temporary) phone.. Okay, it's actually sis', pinjam jer before beli baru.

My future phone. Eh?

4. Still remember bout this post?  I was talking bout the day I got my P for the car license. Now, I’m no longer P holder. Yeah! During those 2 years (2009-2011), I only had 2 speeding tickets and 1 car accident (only minor scratches, beautifully repainted by Uncle Gim Lee, Alhamdulillah).


No more P!

5. Heechul is sick. He kept being attacked by this one vavi cat until he was badly injured. Huhu.. Poor my baby. Look what that vavi cat has done to my poor love. Sampai demam2.

Swollen paw.. Mcm belon. Huhu..

I still couldn’t catch that vavi cat lah. He quickly ran away every time he saw me (since daku baling dier dengan batu ari tu).

Okay…. I dunno what else to tell here. Everytime buat Catchin-Up memang mcm ni lah. Rase mcm byk nk cerita, but once I typed them down, tak lah banyak mana.

Babai for now.