From A Shopper To A Barber

Background Music, Waiting For The End by Linkin Park, Love Like Woe by The Ready Set and Rocketeer by Far East Movement

It’s Sunday again! Don’t feel like writing too much today, just some updates.

Did some online shopping today and bought myself few stuff. MAC eyeshadow 15 palettes (I choose natural colour for smokey eyes). I also bought Bobbi Brown set of brushes (12 pcs). Both cost me around RM tuuuut. Haha. But it’s gonna take a looooong time (maybe 2-3 weeks) for the items to arrive since they’re ordered from outside Malaysia.

Having said that, I’m broke. Thank you very much.

Ahh… Feel like cutting my hair today. I always wanna keep my front or side hair longer than my back hair. Eh, I didn’t mean ‘back hair’ (the one that men usually have at the back of their body), NO, not that. Euww. I mean, my HAIR.AT.THE.BACK. What do you call that ha?? Back hair la kan? Haha. My English sucks. Bummer! Enough la explaining that. I know you guys get what I mean.

Its something like Victoria's hair..

Yeah well, it certainly would look like hers if my hair has more volume. Whatever!

Okay now, off to cut my ‘back hair’.

p/s- I am my own barber.


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