Being A Stay-At-Home Kid Is Not That Bad

*I wrote the title, Being A Stay-At-Home Girl Is Not That Bad, then I realized that I’m not a girl anymore.. So, I’m using the word ‘kid’. Eh??? :-p *

Today is not really a productive day. I woke up late, showered at 3.30pm and stayed home for the whole day.. Yeah, that was awesome if you ask me. Haha. So, well, I didn’t just sit down and goyang kaki je, today I decided to tidy my wardrobe.

As I was about to do it, I just realized that my pretty cute shawls are all around the house. They have been ignored for weeks. You know when I unpacked my stuff everytime I got back from Muar or Shah Alam, I was sooo lazy to hang them back. That’s why la sepah2.. Huhu. Pity them. So I gathered them back and arranged according to their colours. Altogether I have 55 shawls from various colours. Still, I think I missed few more coz there were used to be 60-65 shawls… 😦 .  I actually wanna take a picture of my shawl collection, but then hm… Tahla. Even though I’ve arranged and hung them nicely, but still it doesn’t look that NEAT. I need to find a shawl hanger. Well, obviously, not a, maybe two or three. Coz shawls banyak giler, kalo xder duit, boleh jual balik.


Shawl Hanger. I thought I didn't need this one, but hmm...

Then, I tidied my make-up case, threw away empty perfume bottles and kemas barang2 hantaran time kawen arie tu. Haah, bru nk kemas. Haha.


Elizabeth Arden make-up, GUESS handbag, Carlo Rino heels, Mariah Carey perfume..

Then, I moved to my cute dresses, shirts, cardies, tubes and jackets that are all hung beautifully in my wardrobe. I missed my black cardy and black tube. I dunno where the hell they are.. So sad. That’s my best tube! As for the cardy, I dont really mind sbb dh ade koyak sket. Planning to get a new one. Hmm… Then, mom helped me ironing all my baju kurung, baju kebaya and kurung moden. I know I am supposed to that by myself since I’m a grown up (and married for God sake!!!), but I figured that you know, sementara tgh duduk ngn mak ni, I think it’s fine to take advantage sket. Hahaha. Later when I move out and live with my hubby, I wont have mom to do that for me anymore. Kan? Hehe.. Yes, I memang manje. 🙂

So, that’s it la kerje2 mengemas ari ni. Sikit je, that’s why la ckp tadi, x productive sgt pon ari ni. :-p

I’m planning to go to Muar this Friday. Gonna drive all the way from Sabak straight to Muar on my own. I think it’s gonna take about 5 hours, IF the traffic is smooth and perfect. Well, hubby said he wanted to pick me up at Tangkak tol plaza, but I don’t allow him. I insist to drive there by myself. He is so worried I know, but end of the day, I have to drive there by myself jugak. Takkan everytime datang Muar dier asek nk kena fetch pulak… So, it’s better if he lets me do it from now kan?

Can’t wait to see him!


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