You Know You’re Getting Old When The Candles Cost More Than The Cake


That’s the number I’m turning to right now. Alhamdulillah, I am still here living healthily, have enough food and drink, have a good stable career, have enough money (I’m still hoping for more money tho), and the most important thing, I feel soooo blessed that I could live for another year surrounded by the most awesome people in the world; friends and family. Thank you everyone for your beautiful wishes and thoughtful prayers, be it through SMS, messages on Facebook and e-cards, I appreciate it all so much. You guys ROCK!

Well, as obvious as it is, I’m gonna say that this year’s birthday is way more special than the previous years, it’s because of one thing, or rather one person,

A Husband. 🙂

He beria2 asked me to check my email yesterday. I have two yahoo emails that I’m currently using at once, so when I check on my f_hamie email, I didn’t see anything special. Facebook notification je berlambak2. So, I signed in to another email, zatulhami_86, then I saw his name. I clicked on that, and laughed.

He sent me a poem! His self-written poem, well not 100% but it was kind of the same idea. While downloading the file, I couldn’t help but thinking, ‘Boleh ke dier write poem ni… Mesti lawak gile!’ Once it was downloaded, then I started reading.


If it wasn’t because of my mom was also in the same living room with me watching TV, I might cry reading it.

There are about 25 lines in the poem (YES, I COUNT THEM). I’m not posting the whole poem but what I have here, some of my favourite lines.

“Happy Birthday to the love of my life,
Happy Birthday to my partner and my best friend,
I am so lucky to have you as my wife,
A wife like you is so precious,
Compared to any Evo 10, EK or even my MAV.”

Haha. Funny in a sweet way! That’s my husband you see, FUNNY, SWEET, CHARMING, a little bit blurr at times but I LOVE HIM with all my heart. He’s just the guy I’m looking for.

Thank you my love! Mmmuah!

Owh, he sent me a song too. It’s called Rindu Setengah Mati by Dmasive. Yes hubby syg, I rindu u setengah mati jugak. See you this coming Friday okay?

Okay, last thing before I sign out,


5 Marriage Humours

1. Women are unpredictable. Before marriage, she expects a man, after marriage she suspects him, and after death she respects him.

2. There was this guy who told his woman that he loved her so much that he would go thru hell for her. They got married and now, he is going thru hell.

3. When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing, either the car is new or the wife.

4. A man received a letter from some kidnappers. The letter said, “If you don’t promise to send us $100000, I swear that we will kill your wife.” The poor man wrote back, “I am afraid I can’t keep my promise but I hope you will keep yours.”

5. A guy asked his friend, “What’s the matter? You look depressed.” Then the friend replied, “I’m having trouble with my wife. She said she wasn’t going to speak to me for 30 days.”
“But that ought to make you happy. You told me she’s a pain in your ass.”
“Yeah, it did make me happy.  But today is the last day..”

It’s funny but still, NOT FAIR. It’s like, we, the wives are the meanest persons on Earth!

Nways, I dig #3. You know, my hubby never opens the car door for me, but I figured that it must be because it’s not his new car and I’m not his new wife.

I’m THE WIFE. Haha

p/s – I came across with this, “Man is like a banana at all stages”.
What does that even meaaan…?

From A Shopper To A Barber

Background Music, Waiting For The End by Linkin Park, Love Like Woe by The Ready Set and Rocketeer by Far East Movement

It’s Sunday again! Don’t feel like writing too much today, just some updates.

Did some online shopping today and bought myself few stuff. MAC eyeshadow 15 palettes (I choose natural colour for smokey eyes). I also bought Bobbi Brown set of brushes (12 pcs). Both cost me around RM tuuuut. Haha. But it’s gonna take a looooong time (maybe 2-3 weeks) for the items to arrive since they’re ordered from outside Malaysia.

Having said that, I’m broke. Thank you very much.

Ahh… Feel like cutting my hair today. I always wanna keep my front or side hair longer than my back hair. Eh, I didn’t mean ‘back hair’ (the one that men usually have at the back of their body), NO, not that. Euww. I mean, my HAIR.AT.THE.BACK. What do you call that ha?? Back hair la kan? Haha. My English sucks. Bummer! Enough la explaining that. I know you guys get what I mean.

Its something like Victoria's hair..

Yeah well, it certainly would look like hers if my hair has more volume. Whatever!

Okay now, off to cut my ‘back hair’.

p/s- I am my own barber.

Such An Ungrateful Bitch

I’m not in my best mood.

I think my life sucks and is very pathetic.

Why can’t I have an awesome life like what you guys are having right now???
Why do I have to be patient and wait for my turn to enjoy good things??
Why can’t I get what I want???
Owh, coz I heard people say what we want isn’t necessary what we need??

BOOOOOOOO to that!!! What I want is surely what I need!!

Eeiii!!! So emotional today! All this because of that one little thing.

One little f**king thing that I can’t afford right now.


To Those Who Don’t Have INNER Beauty, Let’s Learn To Create OUTER Beauty!

I was soo bored the other day and started viewing random videos on Youtube before I stumbled upon this fab lady, Michelle Phan.


The superb Michelle Phan

In her videos, she teaches how to do the most gorgeous eye make-up from simple to glamorous look. I really love the way she applies her make-up coz she makes it look so easy, plus, she’s good at playing with colours.

She has uploaded sooo many videos and these are ones of my favourites.

This one is nice, day and night make-up. SUPER SIMPLE!

A Forest Fairy eye make-up. Not practical for everyday use of course, but I like the creativity here.

I can try this romantic look when I go dating with my hubby! Love the colour and I’m 100% sure hubby will love it too!

Step by step eye make-up tutorial. It’s very useful especially for amateur like moi. Haha

I think this is like, too much (maybe) but it’s not a crime to try it once in a while, right?

Same like the birthday eye make-up video, this is NOT for casual outings. It’s too WOW and too glittery. But of course, this is only a guideline you see. You can always use the same steps, but minimize the glittery. Ceh, mcm video aku la pulak. Haha

OMG!! I love this smokey eyes look!!!!!!!

Another one thing I like about her is the voice. It is soooo soft and sweet! With the background song, she makes the videos look very exclusive.

Last year, my make-up style (if that can be called make-up lah) when I went to work was so simple, I just used compact powder, an eyeliner and a lipbalm. Coz I used to think that, ‘kalau x mekap sgt pon, aku still yg paling cantik kat sekolah tu haha’. Now, I started to use some colours on my face to make me look ‘dewasa’ sikit lah kunun.

As for the eye make-up, this is how I did it. I usually applied my dark brown gel eyeliner first, then I used the eyeshadow. I know I did it the wrong way coz as soon as I applied the base eyeshadow, the colour of the eyeliner that I applied earlier was a bit distracted. I noticed it, but I guess I didn’t really care coz I liked it that way. Now, I wanna do it like Michelle. 😀 EXCITED!

But before that, I HAVE TO GET a bigger eye-shadow palette, more brushes (LONG ONES), a white eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner! Owh, and also a mascara since I’m running out of one. Maybe, some fake lashes too!

I’M SO BUYING THEM! It’s a MUST to buy the next time I hit any drug store.


My EA eyeshadow pallete, very small and compact. I need something bigger!

p/s – I seriously HATE my makeup on my wedding reception, the one at my place. The one in Muar was thousand times better and I LOVE it!