It’s All About Reaching Your Dreams

Background Music, Auburn-All About Him

Our wedding reception in Muar went well. Thank you Faizal and Hani for your willingness to be our best man and bridesmaid. Hihi.. And last but not least, thank you to Neddy, Auni, Fazi, Haniah, Fana, Aini, PakNgah, Badak, Apek and fiancee, Bob, Usher, Warid, Helmi and Ida, Faiz and few others who also came to the reception. 😀

Some of the pictures taken by friends and family, Raihan Aliahus, and Kak Seha during that beautiful reception.

The arrival of the groom and the bride..

Gadis2 gedik kesayangan aka partners in crime. My sister (Mila) and nieces (KakLong and KakNgah). Eh, mom's also in the picture.

It's all bout us.. 🙂

Together with the bestman and the bridesmaid, Faizal and Hani..

Menepung tawar... That's my mom in the picture.

Wah, gelak besar. Haha

With Ewan's friends..

We are sooo glad that both receptions are already over. Phewww! Now, since banyak jugak duit dah abes kat wedding preparation and all that, it’s time to save it again. Settling down, starting a family needs quite a lot of money. I mean, things like, renting house at the same time saving money for dream house, buying furniture, groceries, paying bills and stuff, those are important things that have to be prepared. After we have some stable financial saving, only then we’ll talk about… having children! Hahahaha.. Insya Allah.. Just so you know, we’ve already prepared names for our children waaaaaayy before we got married. Hahaha. Excited btol. The names are secret. Shhh.

These are some pictures of us ‘lepak’ing at Secret Recipe, a day after the reception. Spending time with him before balik Selangor. Huhu

I'm all about him him him him him

He's all about me me me me me

My favourite, Cheez Choc. Order smpai 2. Haha

Chocolate Banana In Glass..

While ‘lepak’ing, we talked about lots of thing. Flashing back our memories when were in Brisbane, how we used to play football together in Botanical Garden, the one near the Gardens Point Campus, how I merajuk after kena tegur ngn dier sbb sepak bola x betul. Haha. He said, at that time the feeling towards me had already grown but he was afraid to confess. Haha.

Even though now we’re already happily married, but sometimes I miss those moments.

Okay, before I put an end to this entry, let me share with you stuff that I bought this week. It’s a novel by Julie Garwood. It’s been a while since I last bought a novel. The last one I think was Shiver, but still haven’t finished reading it coz ianya sungguh tak best. I hate the characters. Gedik.

I hope this one is nice.

SIZZLE, by Julie Garwood.


Owh, I also bought another 4 pairs of contacts. Hahahahah. Tatau ape gile aku beli smpai 4.

Blytheye Contacts, BLUE, GREEN, VIOLET and BROWN. 14mm diameter.

Abis natural la kunun mata colour mcm tu. Haha

Labeled and soaked. Cant wait to use them!

So now I have 6 pairs of contacts, 4 from Blytheye and 2 from iFairy. Gila. Hahah.

Okay, got night tuition at 8.30. I haven’t showered yet. Bye.


3 thoughts on “It’s All About Reaching Your Dreams

  1. hunny says:

    hehe.u’re welcome darl! 🙂
    wah~ bce julie garwood juge kah? i’ve read sizzle 🙂 this one has the newest cover i think.happy reading! kalo ada mase try baca ‘double standard’ (i x igt author sapa but seriously sgt best n touching! siap nanges2 bace.hoho~

    • emywinchester says:

      dh bace ye? best x? bru smpai chapter 2, and so far, x boring lgi. haha. takde mase sgt la nk bace.. huhu.. okay, try carik double standard lepas ni. touching2 ni sbb love story eh? hehe

  2. hunny says:

    haha.x ingat la bce ble.sbb da lme da.pastu bce byk bku kan.ho..hihi…yep, it’s a romance story, tp yg part sdey tu org nanges sbb psal life die…khidupan die mse kecik yg sgt truk unbelievable pastu last2 cmne he can change into a very successful guy yg sgt magnificent! 🙂 bku ‘almost heaven’ pun best gk! 😉

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