If I Were You, I Would Bury My Pride Deep In The Ground And Never Dig It Back!

When you messed with other people by accident or with intention, then the person that you messed with found it hard to forgive, or to forget you coz it hurt sooo deep, what would you do??

Would you give them some space?? Or..
Would you be mad at them for not forgiving you???

Today, I met a person who did the second one. It’s kinda funny actually, when he shouted at me saying, ‘Kan saya dah mintak maaf semalam??!! Kenapa awak x boleh lupa lagi??!!’ ( I was like, ni mintak maaf ke ape ni jerit2 mcm ni??)

Hellooooooooooo! You CANT force, let alone SHOUT at other people, asking them to FORGET shits that you did to them, JUST LIKE THAT!! I can forgive you anytime, but I WILL NOT easily forget, that’s for sure.

And it didn’t just stop there. When I opened my mouth to say something, to back myself up, he shouted again, DIAM!! AWAK DIAM!!

What the hell kan?

Now I’m asking you guys, is that a good leader??? Ketua yang bagus ke mcm tu? I may physically look like a kid, but I will NOT be scolded and talked to, or yelled at like a kid especially when you were the one who crossed the line!

I’m sure there are soksek soksek (gossips) by my colleagues or whoever lah, behind my back about what happened today, maybe good ones, or even bad ones. Maybe they supported me, or not, I don’t care. I’m done!

Like I said in my FB account, things happened for a reason. All this while I’ve been weighing my options to leave or to stay. I was sooo confused. Remember in previous entry when I told you guys, I was torn apart and didn’t know what to do about my transfer matter, but now I finally do.

I’ve made up my mind.
Thank you God for showing me the way. I took it as a sign (even if it was actually not. Lantak lah. Yg penting, dh x confuse).

I know it’s super difficult to get out from here, but I’ll meet people that can help me out, pray hard and try my best.


2 thoughts on “If I Were You, I Would Bury My Pride Deep In The Ground And Never Dig It Back!

  1. fana says:

    ya Allah kenapa ade org saiko mcm tu?
    die igt ko bdk sekola yg melawan ke nk suh diam2.
    haish laaaa. saba la yek xlame ko dpt la pindah insyaallah

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