Excuse Me, It’s Puan Emy Now, Okay?

Wow. I better get used to it from now on. Haha.. I’ll post a proper entry bout that very big day later. Ni curik2 update post. Mr.Gonzales (who is now my hubby) asked me to pack my stuff coz we’re going to Muar in a bit. So, this is gonna be a very quick post. I hope.

Here are some pictures..

Dup dap dup dap.. Waiting for the moment..

A wife now.. ūüėÄ

Emy, Mr.Gonzales and Darling

With Abg Bob family who was celebrating their 10th anniversary.. happy with 3 beautiful children now, totally my role models!

Bersanding time.. tgh tgu hubby..

Outdoor Photoshoot with Soulclickers crew!

So, it’s been 6 days now living our life as married couple. It’s been so wonderful! Yes, I mean it. Thank you Allah for sending him to me.. I’ll take care of him, appreciate him and love him with all my heart..

p/s- official photos and videos from Soulclickers will be uploaded later.


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