It’s Important To Look Forward, But It’s Not Wrong To Look Back Once In A While

Background Music, -Adinda by Lah Ahmad. My favourite song right now.

So today, I woke up at ( I went back to sleep after Subuh, of course), then without washing my face, I went outside, picked up a paint brush and continued painting the window frames. Hahahhaaha. STILL, not 100% finished. Cat dah abes la pulak, and the shop was closed coz it’s Sunday you see. Tomorrow lah sambung.

Nways, tadi my sister and family balik kampung. So, we did a BIG gotong royong outside and inside. Cleaned stuff, threw away stuff and burnt stuff. Best jugak kemas rumah besar-besaran mcm ni.


Bakaq bakaq!

That's me, yes, the future bride, painting the window frames.


Then, siapkan kerja2 kenduri pulak.

KakLong, KakNgah and Yas, helping bungkus gula2 ntok kenduri. Ditemani lagu2 SuJu. Haha

The packets!! Like these mini boxes, so cute!

KakNgah and Yas, tekun berusaha! Hahaha

That's KakNgah in the picture. Xder ape pon. Just fiddling with KakLong's Nikon.

Kakak Eda dok pasang cangkuk before hangin the curtains.

Mak said, 'Ni pas kenduri bukak balik. Gune balik nnti time raya. Xder beli2 baru dah'. :-p


Even though I sweat like hell, but I was sooo happy. Why? Coz in the middle of doin all this, I accidentally found this very valuable thing. I’ve been searching for it for THREE YEARS!!

Do you see what's in that box???

Brothers & Sisters DVD Season 1 that I bought in Melbourne 3 years ago!

Feel sooooooooooo happy when I found this DVD again!!! Guess why do I love this DVD soo much??? Click here and scroll to the last point of the entry.

Besides the DVD, I also found other special things, mostly my souvenirs that I bought when I was in Aussie, like the fridge magnets, keychains, postcards, some pictures, books that I used at QUT etc. Ahh… This instantly triggered the sweet Aussie memories… ūüôā

Guess what's in this paper bag?? I was curious too before I opened it.. Hehe

Some postcards from Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brissie.

Okay! WHAT are these???

Close up!! Hahaha. Receipt bayar sewa unilodge kat Brisbane! Can't believe I KEEP this!!

Owh... My lanyards!! Bought them from Movie World, Sea World Gold Coast and QUT Book Shop, Gardens Point Campus.

Some keychains, fridge magnets and that Australia Open travel mug bought from Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.

Used to hang this kat pintu bilik kat West End house. Bila tutup pintu bilik kuat2, berdentum bunyi this thing berlaga ngn pintu. Kdg2 smpi jatuh. Haha

Keychains.. My favourite, that So You Think You Can Dance keychain that I bought while attending the concert in Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Watched Jack Chamers. Syiok!

Jetstar (sort of like Air Asia) flight ticket to Sydney! Or to be exact, to meet the real Jared Padalecki!!!!

Warner Bros Movie World Ticket..

Picture of my darlings and I at Sea World Gold Coast, riding Bermuda Triangle. Haha

Math Assignment with Dr. Carl Irons... or something.. Can't remember the name, but I do remember the face tho.

Hahahaha. Books that I got during joining Pride Parade at Brisbane City! Nice kan? Hehe

I couldn’t stop smiling lookin at these things.. Owh, how I miss Aussie badly! Hope I can go there again with my hubby.. It would be nice to go back to the place where the two of us started to fall in love with each other but at the same time, not realizing it. Two idiots!

Kan sayang? *wink*

p/s – 5 days left!


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