Entry Tadak Tajuk (Untitled)

Boring like HELL.

Mr.Gonzales is already asleep. He took some panadols and fell asleep terus la kot. Demam. Hmm.. Elok la tu. Time2 mcm ni, nk demam2 la pulak.

Soo………………. 6 days left until my wedding day. Tick tock tick tock..

Many asked me how do I feel when my big day is nearing… Some asked if I get nervous. Hm… No. Not really. I’m not really nervous. Excited maybe? Haha. A lil bit, but most of the times, I DON’T KNOW. Maybe, the fact that I’m gonna be changing my title VERY SOON puts me in this very blurrr situation. I mean, I’m getting married??? I’M GETTING MARRIED???? Biaq btol?!



Huh, tulis padam tulis padam tulis padam. Dah dekat sejam setengah.

Owh…. Apesal laaaa blurr and x best sangat malam ni. Tatau nk tulis ape dah. Okay lah. Babai.


p/s – Mr.Gonzales just texted me. Dier terjage and said his kepala still berat and needed to take some more panadols..


One thought on “Entry Tadak Tajuk (Untitled)

  1. nuruljannahmk says:

    hehehehe congrats 🙂 i think the nerve is going to kick in on the akad nikah day. i think so but i don’t know. would love to experience what you’re experiencing now. maybe in future insyallah. enjoy yrself!!!!!

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