A Day With Awesome+Cute Youtubers

It’s Friday!! Yeaah! Tomorrow is Saturday!! Yeaahh! But I still have to go to school tomorrow. Yeaaaahh!!! *roll eyes*

So today, besides excitedly trying my new brown+grey contact lenses, I pretty much spent time on Youtube. Watched few good videos from these talented fellas, Matlutfi, IniAnwarHadi and a very special person, Ben Bradshaw.



Okay, start from MatLuthfi. Hmm.. Don’t really know much about him, except he has loghat Utagha, maybe originally from Kedah, Perlis, Penang I dunno, and now studying in Perth, Aussie. He’s seriously one funny+smart guy. Semua video2 dia ada message best2 yg disampaikan secara sempoi. Check them out!

Part dier jadi pompuan tu mang thumbs up!! ‘U tak tahu, u tak tahu’. LOL!

This is soooooo cute!

Lawak btol la this budak. Actually, heard bout him dah lama dah, months ago. Since he made this very sweet video for his mother on Mother’s Day.. Comel gilaa..




Anwar Hadi

Next, IniAnwarHadi.. FYI, he’s TESL student. Just like moi. I mean, dulu la.. Now, I’m a TESL teacher. :-p

Hmm… I don’t find this guy THAT interesting to watch or listen to.. I mean, he’s got good points in every video that he makes, but the way he presents/delivers the idea is like, biasa je…. At times terlebih poyo sket. The messages are well delivered but x berapa nk kesan sgt la..

Eh, but this one video boleh tahan laa… Coz topic dier mang bagus pon. Bahasa kita!

But all in all between these two famous Malay Youtubers, I think Matluthfi is waaaaay funnier! And message dier lagi senang nk smpai coz he acts at the same time. Lawak pulak tu.




Ben Bradshawww. This is the most descent pic that I could find. Seriously. *naughty stare*

Lastly, check out this very cool American dude who can speak Malay very fluently, BEN BRADSHAW! Well, I guess he’s already famous among Malay Youtubers. He makes few videos to teach Malay people how to speak English with accurate word choice and slang. Seriously, hati sangat tertawan melihat kesungguhan dier cakap Melayu!! Sooo funny in a very CUTE way! Love his trademark btw, ‘gigi putih kaan… *showing teeth*.. Hihi!

The video up here is the first video of his that I watched. Impressed!

Knowing Ben from this Youtube, it suddenly reminds me of my dream years ago, to marry a Mat Saleh/Org Putih yang dah pandai cakap melayu. Kenapa nak yang cakap melayu? Coz nnti there wouldn’t be any communication gap between my parents and him. Hahahahaa. Gilaaa perasan berangan sampai ke langit!(Mr.Gonzales jgn marah okaaay). But seriously, I didn’t expect la pulak this kinda person betul2 exists dalam dunia ni. Tpi dia memang comel laaa kan?

Owh, he loves singing Kau Ilhamku from Man Bai. Sweet!

p/s -Marilah sukakan page Ben Bradshaw di Facebook bersama-sama, okay?
*gaya cakap Melayu ala2 Ben*


6 thoughts on “A Day With Awesome+Cute Youtubers

  1. salina0117 says:

    lg satu. die mmg bolot smue anugerah ah: pelakon lelaki terbaik, pelakon wanita terbaik, pelakon tambahan terbaik, pelakon harapan, pelakon komedi terbaik. ape g ntah.

    • emywinchester says:

      the video that he made for his mother was soooo sweet! u know one funny thing, i found him on FB. and tried to request to be friend, but he didn’t approve until now. HAHAHAHAHA

  2. salina0117 says:

    “u know one funny thing, i found him on FB. and tried to request to be friend, but he didn’t approve until now. HAHAHAHAHA”

    –> “i tak tahu i tak tahu!!” hahaha.

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