It’s All About Reaching Your Dreams

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Our wedding reception in Muar went well. Thank you Faizal and Hani for your willingness to be our best man and bridesmaid. Hihi.. And last but not least, thank you to Neddy, Auni, Fazi, Haniah, Fana, Aini, PakNgah, Badak, Apek and fiancee, Bob, Usher, Warid, Helmi and Ida, Faiz and few others who also came to the reception. 😀

Some of the pictures taken by friends and family, Raihan Aliahus, and Kak Seha during that beautiful reception.

The arrival of the groom and the bride..

Gadis2 gedik kesayangan aka partners in crime. My sister (Mila) and nieces (KakLong and KakNgah). Eh, mom's also in the picture.

It's all bout us.. 🙂

Together with the bestman and the bridesmaid, Faizal and Hani..

Menepung tawar... That's my mom in the picture.

Wah, gelak besar. Haha

With Ewan's friends..

We are sooo glad that both receptions are already over. Phewww! Now, since banyak jugak duit dah abes kat wedding preparation and all that, it’s time to save it again. Settling down, starting a family needs quite a lot of money. I mean, things like, renting house at the same time saving money for dream house, buying furniture, groceries, paying bills and stuff, those are important things that have to be prepared. After we have some stable financial saving, only then we’ll talk about… having children! Hahahaha.. Insya Allah.. Just so you know, we’ve already prepared names for our children waaaaaayy before we got married. Hahaha. Excited btol. The names are secret. Shhh.

These are some pictures of us ‘lepak’ing at Secret Recipe, a day after the reception. Spending time with him before balik Selangor. Huhu

I'm all about him him him him him

He's all about me me me me me

My favourite, Cheez Choc. Order smpai 2. Haha

Chocolate Banana In Glass..

While ‘lepak’ing, we talked about lots of thing. Flashing back our memories when were in Brisbane, how we used to play football together in Botanical Garden, the one near the Gardens Point Campus, how I merajuk after kena tegur ngn dier sbb sepak bola x betul. Haha. He said, at that time the feeling towards me had already grown but he was afraid to confess. Haha.

Even though now we’re already happily married, but sometimes I miss those moments.

Okay, before I put an end to this entry, let me share with you stuff that I bought this week. It’s a novel by Julie Garwood. It’s been a while since I last bought a novel. The last one I think was Shiver, but still haven’t finished reading it coz ianya sungguh tak best. I hate the characters. Gedik.

I hope this one is nice.

SIZZLE, by Julie Garwood.


Owh, I also bought another 4 pairs of contacts. Hahahahah. Tatau ape gile aku beli smpai 4.

Blytheye Contacts, BLUE, GREEN, VIOLET and BROWN. 14mm diameter.

Abis natural la kunun mata colour mcm tu. Haha

Labeled and soaked. Cant wait to use them!

So now I have 6 pairs of contacts, 4 from Blytheye and 2 from iFairy. Gila. Hahah.

Okay, got night tuition at 8.30. I haven’t showered yet. Bye.

If I Were You, I Would Bury My Pride Deep In The Ground And Never Dig It Back!

When you messed with other people by accident or with intention, then the person that you messed with found it hard to forgive, or to forget you coz it hurt sooo deep, what would you do??

Would you give them some space?? Or..
Would you be mad at them for not forgiving you???

Today, I met a person who did the second one. It’s kinda funny actually, when he shouted at me saying, ‘Kan saya dah mintak maaf semalam??!! Kenapa awak x boleh lupa lagi??!!’ ( I was like, ni mintak maaf ke ape ni jerit2 mcm ni??)

Hellooooooooooo! You CANT force, let alone SHOUT at other people, asking them to FORGET shits that you did to them, JUST LIKE THAT!! I can forgive you anytime, but I WILL NOT easily forget, that’s for sure.

And it didn’t just stop there. When I opened my mouth to say something, to back myself up, he shouted again, DIAM!! AWAK DIAM!!

What the hell kan?

Now I’m asking you guys, is that a good leader??? Ketua yang bagus ke mcm tu? I may physically look like a kid, but I will NOT be scolded and talked to, or yelled at like a kid especially when you were the one who crossed the line!

I’m sure there are soksek soksek (gossips) by my colleagues or whoever lah, behind my back about what happened today, maybe good ones, or even bad ones. Maybe they supported me, or not, I don’t care. I’m done!

Like I said in my FB account, things happened for a reason. All this while I’ve been weighing my options to leave or to stay. I was sooo confused. Remember in previous entry when I told you guys, I was torn apart and didn’t know what to do about my transfer matter, but now I finally do.

I’ve made up my mind.
Thank you God for showing me the way. I took it as a sign (even if it was actually not. Lantak lah. Yg penting, dh x confuse).

I know it’s super difficult to get out from here, but I’ll meet people that can help me out, pray hard and try my best.

Please Show Me The Way

Today during school assembly, my name was called out to receive a wedding gift by all SKTJ teachers. It’s a very big one, HEAVY too. Well, no need to guess, I know what’s inside (coz I asked for it? Haha). Thank you semuanya, colleagues and beloved students who came to my wedding. It’s a pleasure to have you all on my big day. Thank you again!


Pressies from teachers and students.. 🙂


Now, I am at home actually, back from school an hour and half early coz I’ve got this Zoom-A Talk at 2. When I was driving home, I couldn’t help but kept thinking bout what I said to my Year 6 kids. After discussing English papers (Monthly Test) in class, I had a little chat with them, mostly we talked about my wedding day. I thanked them for coming to my wedding, giving nice presents, warm SMS wishes and etc. Then, I jokingly asked, ‘Hmm.. Teacher nk pindah ke tak ye? Awak rase camaner?’ Most of them said, ‘Tanak… Teacher jangan la…’ Even the naughtiest student said the same.. Some asked me to ulang alik from Muar to Sabak. Hahaha. Also, some were not responding verbally, but you could tell what they were thinking by looking at their faces.

I am seriously torn apart right now. I know I’ve asked opinions from lots of people around me, and mostly, I got quite the same answers; ‘ISI JE BORANG, DAPAT TAK DAPAT BLAKANG KIRA’. The way I see it, I think it’s better if I stay at least until the end of the year coz I don’t wanna leave my unfinished business here. I’m talking bout my Year 6 kids. I’ve taken care of them since last year, so I wanna know how good they are in English and how good I am as their teacher based on their UPSR result this year. As far as I know, this overseas-graduated teacher hasn’t really proven anything yet, I mean, a BIG one. No, not yet.

But at the same time, being apart from him (my husband), is sooooooo ……….. I’ve no words to describe it. What I know, it’s killing me. Some part of me keep saying, ‘Bila dah kawen, mesti la nk duduk dekat2 ngn suami kan? What’s the point kawen tpi nk duduk jauh2 pulak?’, but the other parts say, ‘Finish what you started with those kids, jgn menyusahkan org nk carik cikgu ganti pulak.. Kalau nk pindah, pindah ujung taon ni.. ‘ Again, some will reply back, ‘Ujung taon tu lame lgi kot….’

Clearly you see that I dunno know what to do here.

Excuse Me, It’s Puan Emy Now, Okay?

Wow. I better get used to it from now on. Haha.. I’ll post a proper entry bout that very big day later. Ni curik2 update post. Mr.Gonzales (who is now my hubby) asked me to pack my stuff coz we’re going to Muar in a bit. So, this is gonna be a very quick post. I hope.

Here are some pictures..

Dup dap dup dap.. Waiting for the moment..

A wife now.. 😀

Emy, Mr.Gonzales and Darling

With Abg Bob family who was celebrating their 10th anniversary.. happy with 3 beautiful children now, totally my role models!

Bersanding time.. tgh tgu hubby..

Outdoor Photoshoot with Soulclickers crew!

So, it’s been 6 days now living our life as married couple. It’s been so wonderful! Yes, I mean it. Thank you Allah for sending him to me.. I’ll take care of him, appreciate him and love him with all my heart..

p/s- official photos and videos from Soulclickers will be uploaded later.

Owh Yeah, Still Can’t Get Over It!

Blogging at this hour is a little bit… off-timing I guess. Haha.. Everyone is soooo busy, neighbours are all here helping with stuff, some men outside are busy pitching the canopies and I’m here, blogging.

Not much to say here. I just wanna make sure that I post something before I change my title tomorrow, Insya Allah. Last post as a single lady, that is.

Owh my!!!!!!! I’m getting married tomorrow!!
Owh yeah, still can’t get over it!