Too Many Things In Too Little Time

Exhausted, backache.

Still haven’t finished the house painting and seriously, I don’t think I can finish it. Even though I have more than a week before the wedding day, that still wouldn’t do it. Monday is the most exhausted day for me. I have, like, 8 periods of teaching. Back home, I have to get some nap coz later at night I’ve got night tuition with my Year 6 kids. Same goes with Tuesday, except for I have 7 periods of teaching, slightly less compared to Monday. On Wednesday, I got Koko activity in the afternoon. Balik2 sure dh penat hell. So, I can only continue painting on Thursday, Friday and the weekend. Wuwuwuwu…. That’s toooo lambat already. I can’t take the risk of rumah berbelang. So, upah org, that is.

Hantaran? I thought of doing it on my own, and THANK GOD I finally changed my mind coz if I stick to my stupid plan, memang teruk laaaaa nk siapkan. I’ll probably be the ugliest bride ever coz x cukup tido siapkan semua bnda ni. So, I decided to leave this hantaran thing to Kak Teh to handle it. All I know, everything must be wonderfully done by this coming Saturday. Haha. Gaya seorg boss.

Hmm.. Kakak Eda is handling the doorgifts, Abang Man is handling the canopies and my parents are handling the food and catering. Everyone is doing their parts very well (lagi gaya ckp seorg boss), except me. Haha. Bab cat tu lah. Aku memang x larat oi!

Okaylah. My face is so melekit2, and my body is sweating. So panas, and I want to mandi. After that, I’m gonna watch TV while texting with Mr.Gonzales, then off to bed. SLEEP. Babai.

p/s – I seriously need a good massage right now… Anyone willing to be my unpaid masseur for tonight?


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