Well I Like Wasting My Time Here, It’s Official

I thought, I probably needed another week or two to finish the house painting. Then, I looked at the calendar in my laptop. Terkejut beruk. Manada masa dah! Grrr!! Silap2, ade jugak kang yg buat kenduri ngn rumah belang2 x abes cat. Haha

But still, despite the fact that I’m really running out of time to finish the painting, I’m still sitting here, blogging. Haha. Actually, dh lame ngadap laptop ni. I just read Hanis Zalikha’s belog, about her experience visiting Amsterdam and Germany! Waaaa.. She makes me feel sooooooooo jealous lah! I’m gonna put those two countries to my to-visit list. Kang tetiber ade org ckp, ‘Eh, kitorg dh pernah pegi laaa… Mang best! Ade tu, ade ni…’ Meh nk jawab awal2. ‘TAK TANYER PON KORANG DH PERGI KE BLOM’ .

Jealous much?












Nways, tgh2 busy preparing this and that for the wedding, sempat pulak beli benda alah ni. Hahahaha

A new GUESS purse!

I just couldn't say no the tiger print inside!

In my defense, I’m in serious need of new purse. :-p


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