Enough Said

It’s 2.35 am, still can’t sleep. I am actually sleepy but I refuse to sleep. I am purposely torturing my body, my brain, my eyes etc. I am not in a good mood. I just watched two movies in a row, Pineapple Express and Eurotrip. Well, at least those funny actors managed to make me smile a bit tonight, even though only for seconds.

I’m thinkin of doing some shitty things to express the anger but then…. Haish. I hate this! I hate the fact that I wanna hurt him/her, but I fail. Not because I can’t, but  because that person just DOESN’T CARE! But hey, what do I expect? S(He) is the most ignorant that I have ever met.

Maybe this is my over-emotional-PMS-disease talking, but hear this out. YOU MAKE ME SICK.


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