When My Thoughts Are Not In Alphabetical Order

Hi people! Okay, this is gonna be random. I am just gonna write whatever that cross my mind. Am gonna start with……….

First, I already got ‘Surat Pengesahan Lantikan DG41’!! GB called me to the office this morning, and I already knew, this must be about the confirmation thingy. So, as soon as he said, ‘Tahniah”, I felt like jumping for joy in front of him. Yela, I’ve been calling the SPP for the million times asking about my confirmation status, and they kept saying, still in process, bla bla bla.. Now, thank God the wait is over! I can’t wait for the tunggakan! Hihi..

Surat Pengesahan Lantikan DG41 that I just got this morning!

As I got home, I noticed a pile of forms on my bed. Hal2 berkaitan kebenaran bernikah, borang2 wali, saksi dh setel and diluluskan! Tgl tgu je 11th March 2011… 🙂

The form that needs to be filled in during the akad nikah..

After performing Zuhur, I went to KakMaz boutique with mom to discuss about the wedding preparation. I reconfirmed about the budget, the themes and there are changes here and there and yaaaahuuu I got good discount! Hehe.. Thanks KakMaz. So, that one was setteled, but there are still few things. I forgot to buy the curtains for my wedding. I promised mom that I’ll belanja her the new curtains for the kenduri, but until now, I still haven’t kept my promise. I haven’t bought her the thing yet! Eish, bila laaa.. Tah sempat ke mak nk jahit…

Tomorrow, dh start Chinese New Year break! Yeaaay!! Well, I know that some of you my friends have already enjoyed your break since last Monday (including you, Mr.Gonzales),  but whatever. I am just feel too happy now that I get to wake up late tomorrow! Hihi..


Owh, anyways, my good friend dunia akhirat, Siti Soraya Lin will be getting married tomorrow! Eh, no no. She will be getting married tonight actually (by this time, dh nikah kot) and tomorrow is the wedding reception.

Who’s Lynn? Okay, I’ll tell you guys about her.

I’ve known Lynn since we were in IPBA. I was one of the ‘second-intake students’ who came two weeks later, so I didn’t really know anyone on my first day. I just stood outside my class, refusing to get in, coz I was… shy, and nervous at that time. Then, someone came. Someone who was wearing pink baju kurung and carrying a backpack. She greeted me (saying ‘budak baru ye.. saya Lynn’), shook my hand and welcomed me to that place. She was the very first ‘first-intake student’ that acknowledged my existence.

She is the most kind-hearted person that I’ve ever known. She is just so patient, religious, not forgotten, FUNNY in her own way (trust me, she IS FUNNY)!! She’s also a good cook. I still remember when we were in Australia, she always cooked for me. During lunch or dinner time, she would call me and asked me to come to her room and had lunch/dinner together. Sometimes, she didn’t even have to call me. Whenever I was hungry, I just knocked on her door, and buat muka sposen, asking for food. Hahahahah. And she always had something to feed me. Always!! 🙂 She never complained, she was just too nice. She’d never wanted to gossip about other people, God knows how many times I tried to invite her in. Evil me. Hahaha. There was one time, I came to her room, feeling very angry (and also hungry, haha) about someone. So, while eating, I kept telling her how bad that person was, bla bla bla, and then she said, ‘Mie.. (that’s what she calls me), jangan la benci sgt dier.. ‘ Every time she said something like that to discourage me, to stop me from committing more sins, I would protest by revealing more bad things about that person. Sometimes she laughed noticing how furious I was. Maybe the way I was mad, the words I used when I was mad, was funny to her, I dont know. When she laughed, sometimes I would merajuk coz she made fun of me. Haha

Usually, I couldn’t (or wouldn’t??) get too close with this kind of people, I mean, those religious ones, but with her, it is different. I feel very much comfortable being around her. Even though, both of us are soooo different, but I still can be myself, the childish, rebellious, bad-tempered, stubborn me in front of her. The best part is, she gets me. 🙂

Here’s my shout out to you my angel!

Congrats Lynn!! I’m incredibly excited for you. You are going to be a wife!!!  I wish you happiness with your beloved hubby. Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing you for the first time after our convocation last year. Can’t wait! Love you, miss you Lynn! 🙂

Lynn and I at Bribie Island, Australia, 2007.. 🙂

Also, akan berjumpa juga dengan my ex-Victorians yg SUPER HOT, Ponnie and Eqa!! Haha, they are shopping for Lynn’s wedding gift right now. Last minute shopping!

Hoping to see some other familiar faces. Who else are gonna be there??


3 thoughts on “When My Thoughts Are Not In Alphabetical Order

  1. p.nurul says:

    OMG…i wished i cud have come to the wedding but hvnt got transport 😦

    yes, lin is FUNNY! i always feel lucky when i get to witness her funny moments.

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