Too Many Things In Too Little Time

Exhausted, backache.

Still haven’t finished the house painting and seriously, I don’t think I can finish it. Even though I have more than a week before the wedding day, that still wouldn’t do it. Monday is the most exhausted day for me. I have, like, 8 periods of teaching. Back home, I have to get some nap coz later at night I’ve got night tuition with my Year 6 kids. Same goes with Tuesday, except for I have 7 periods of teaching, slightly less compared to Monday. On Wednesday, I got Koko activity in the afternoon. Balik2 sure dh penat hell. So, I can only continue painting on Thursday, Friday and the weekend. Wuwuwuwu…. That’s toooo lambat already. I can’t take the risk of rumah berbelang. So, upah org, that is.

Hantaran? I thought of doing it on my own, and THANK GOD I finally changed my mind coz if I stick to my stupid plan, memang teruk laaaaa nk siapkan. I’ll probably be the ugliest bride ever coz x cukup tido siapkan semua bnda ni. So, I decided to leave this hantaran thing to Kak Teh to handle it. All I know, everything must be wonderfully done by this coming Saturday. Haha. Gaya seorg boss.

Hmm.. Kakak Eda is handling the doorgifts, Abang Man is handling the canopies and my parents are handling the food and catering. Everyone is doing their parts very well (lagi gaya ckp seorg boss), except me. Haha. Bab cat tu lah. Aku memang x larat oi!

Okaylah. My face is so melekit2, and my body is sweating. So panas, and I want to mandi. After that, I’m gonna watch TV while texting with Mr.Gonzales, then off to bed. SLEEP. Babai.

p/s – I seriously need a good massage right now… Anyone willing to be my unpaid masseur for tonight?

It’s Quarter To 4 Now

The title indicates the time I publish this entry. That explains the picture.


I had like, almost 4-hour nap and it’s sure tough to go to bed at this hour. My eyes are soooo wide awake. Even though my head is slightly dizzy, but I still can’t sleep. So, I’m doing this.

Hmm.. This week, school was pretty hectic. I already started the night tuition for Year 6 kids twice a week. Hm, since I’m at this point, I wanna talk a lil bit about the students. Honestly, I don’t really enjoy teaching Year 6 this year. Why? It’s the attitude of the students. The I-Couldn’t-Care-Less attitude, the Owh-I-Am-So-Smart attitude. It just pisses me off, especially when THEY’RE NOT AS SMART AS THEY THOUGHT. SO.N.O.T! Well, a few of them is nice, very very nice, always pay attention, x pernah buat kerja lain in my class, admit their mistakes and never make faces when I ask them to do correction.. I love them! 🙂  But still, there’s also a group of students who is just…… Whatever *shake head*. Laziness is one thing, but it’s also the arrogance. The weird thing is, I don’t see what is it that they are so proud about? Smart? NOOO! Money? NOOOOOO! Nothing! So, what’s the real problem? Perasan bagus, that is. See, the thought of them alone in my mind right now is boiling the blood in my body. Let’s see in 2 months time, if they keep behaving like this, I know what I’m going to do.

Okay, enough.

Last Monday, we got surprise visit from PPD. All those very unfamiliar officers, not the ones that I’ve known before. They just ‘rombak’ the whole department so, Encik Halim, the one who used to be responsible for English Primary now moved to Bahasa Malaysia Secondary. So random. Mcm xder kena mengena, main ikut suke je kot.

So, the one who’s in charge for English Primary now is Encik Rozli. That day, he checked all the files, PBS, PLBS, KSSR and even observed my P&P. I taught Year 6, and the topic that I was teaching at that time was Sound Of Music. It’s been awhile since I was last observed. So, it felt kinda weird when someone sitting at the back, wearing black blazer and participating in your lesson. Yes, he participated.

The end of the day, I asked my GPK did the officer say anything about my teaching coz I didn’t get to read the comments he wrote, and……. Guess what the GPK said? ‘Awak punye okay je, bagus and lagi satu dier cakap, awak mungkin nak diserap ke PPD.’ Perkataan hujung tu rase mcm nk tercekik. Yeah, very funny *roll eyes*. What a joke. So, all in all, the visit ended well.

So, that’s pretty much about work.

Before I stop, I wanna share you guys what I bought today for the wedding. So ‘eksaited’ okaaayh! Hihi..


i.Fairy Contacts Hera Brown and Hera Grey 16.2mm diameter. Thanks to Wahid!

Have never tried wearing contacts, this would be my first time. Oh yeah!

Well I Like Wasting My Time Here, It’s Official

I thought, I probably needed another week or two to finish the house painting. Then, I looked at the calendar in my laptop. Terkejut beruk. Manada masa dah! Grrr!! Silap2, ade jugak kang yg buat kenduri ngn rumah belang2 x abes cat. Haha

But still, despite the fact that I’m really running out of time to finish the painting, I’m still sitting here, blogging. Haha. Actually, dh lame ngadap laptop ni. I just read Hanis Zalikha’s belog, about her experience visiting Amsterdam and Germany! Waaaa.. She makes me feel sooooooooo jealous lah! I’m gonna put those two countries to my to-visit list. Kang tetiber ade org ckp, ‘Eh, kitorg dh pernah pegi laaa… Mang best! Ade tu, ade ni…’ Meh nk jawab awal2. ‘TAK TANYER PON KORANG DH PERGI KE BLOM’ .

Jealous much?












Nways, tgh2 busy preparing this and that for the wedding, sempat pulak beli benda alah ni. Hahahaha

A new GUESS purse!

I just couldn't say no the tiger print inside!

In my defense, I’m in serious need of new purse. :-p

Enough Said

It’s 2.35 am, still can’t sleep. I am actually sleepy but I refuse to sleep. I am purposely torturing my body, my brain, my eyes etc. I am not in a good mood. I just watched two movies in a row, Pineapple Express and Eurotrip. Well, at least those funny actors managed to make me smile a bit tonight, even though only for seconds.

I’m thinkin of doing some shitty things to express the anger but then…. Haish. I hate this! I hate the fact that I wanna hurt him/her, but I fail. Not because I can’t, but  because that person just DOESN’T CARE! But hey, what do I expect? S(He) is the most ignorant that I have ever met.

Maybe this is my over-emotional-PMS-disease talking, but hear this out. YOU MAKE ME SICK.