My Words Are At Randoms, So.. That’s It!

Before I go further, I just proudly wanna say that I’M NOT GOING TO HAVE 1-WEEK BREAK FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR!! My CNY break will only start on that Thursday itself. Yaaaayy!! *roll eyes* Why la skola tu x normal mcm skola lain?? Banyak je skola lain yg xder Chinese students tpi cuti seminggu! Eeii! Menyampah! Memang susah kalo dapat admin yg plain stupid and lifeless mcm die tu. Grr. I’ll punch him!


Okay, so forget about that. Nways, I’m going to Klang (Abg Bob’s house) tomorrow (since I don’t have skola ganti kan) to buy stuff for my wedding. Stuff like doorgifts, paper bags and few others. I was supposed to make a bread pudding today. I wanted to bring it to his house tomorrow, but I forgot to buy the bread and the butter. Haih!

So… About the wedding preparation, I think everything’s fine. The one that I worried bout before was the canopy, since ayah and I had different tastes. Ayah’s taste is always always always the weirdest of all, so most of the times, we, (my brothers and sisters including my mom), didn’t agree with his decision.

In this case, since he wanted to use his friend’s canopy which was soooo not-following-the-theme for MY wedding, I felt like I had to stand up to him and tell him what I felt. As usual, kalau aku yg bincang ngn ayah tu, memang lame2 suare kitorg yg rendah makin lame makin meninggi because he kept giving me weird excuses (at least they were weird and unacceptable to me). In the end, both of us bengang with each other. So, I told my brothers and sisters about that, and after diorg campur tangan, dad finally changed his mind. Diorg tu diplomatik sket and penyabar (ikot mak kot), pndai cucuk2 ayah. Aku x pandai cakap lapik2, and x bape penyabar and degil (bab degil mang ikot ayah, so bile gadoh mmg mcm buku bertemu ruas). Actually, he changed his mind after Abang Man pujuk. Abang Man is like, our last resort. Ape2 benda yg kitorg x bleh pujuk ayah, we’ll use Abang Man. He’s the most influential in our family and ayah only listen to him.

Don’t get me wrong. Even though I am quite rebellious, but I am actually close with him. I can tease him and challenge his opinions for fun, coz I love to argue with him and every time I argue with him, I’ll make sure I have the last word (x ksah la pon if my last word is just ‘Hek ele..’). Despite all of the above, I really really love my dad!! Ayah, terima kasih!!!


Raya 2010.. It's not that hard to find my ayah kan? He's the only old dude in that pic. Haha

Okaylah. Babai now.

p/s -Tomorrow I’ll see Darling. Dier sekarang dah pandai ketawa mengekek and her amrs are now soooo berlipat2! Haha. Geram geram!

My angel, Darling botak! Haha


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