Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #17

Hi all. Here’s a Catchin-Up entry!

Not The Curriculum Secretary Anymore!
(Yayyy meee!!!)

On last Monday (or Tuesday??), we, teachers had a meeting. The meeting was actually about the changes in our teaching timetable since our school got a new teacher. When I knew we had a new colleague, I was soo happy coz I thought she was the English teacher, but turned out that her option was Pengajian Am, means she would be teaching Malay, Civic, Music, Local Studies and stuff. This also means, there would be no changes in my timetable. I would stick to 32 periods of teaching that I was given earlier.


My timetable. I coloured the thing so you can see clearly the amount of minutes given to me.

During the meeting, all other teachers got to cut down their minutes of teaching. From 28 periods to 24, from 30 to 27, something like that. Honestly, mesti la rase jeles gile. Plus, with that amount of periods of teaching, I was also given few big posts such as being the curriculum secretary and the sports secretary. These two posts mang byk kerje. So, during the meeting, I voiced out this issue, saying that I couldn’t handle all this on my own (even if I could, I just didn’t want to coz I think it was a bit unfair). So, they allowed me to drop the curriculum secretary post and handed it to the new teacher! Hahaa.

One more reason I was dying to let go of the post was because I couldn’t stand working for the Curriculum boss. I mean, the PK Curriculum la. He’s just too impossible to work with, coz he’s a freak and bodoh sombong. I seriously can’t work for an idiot like him. That’s why I chose to keep the sports secretary post, coz the Koko boss is verrrryyy sporting!!!


Chocolate Almond Cookies
(This is the first time I baked this!!!)

Okay, so few days ago, I felt like eating chocolate cookies. So, I started googling and youtubing the best and easy recipes for chocolate cookies, and later I found this video. After watching it for few times, I rushed to the kitchen and start menyelongkar kitchen cabinet and fridge, looking for the ingredients.

Here are some of the pictures.


The butter, caster and brown sugar, 2 eggs and flour, mixed together.. and also vanilla extract. Tpi I didn't put it sbb dah abes.. 😦

Since I didn't have chocolate buttons at that time, so gotta make use of what I had. Haha. Korek2 fridge, jumpe this. Van Houten chocs!

Chopped the chocs and...

... put them into the mixture! I also put some almond nuts into this.

The first batch of the cookies! Haha. Ade besar, ade kecik.. I put some chocolate rice on top of the cookies..

Could see them mengembang already!

As you can see, the shape memang x cantik sbb they were not in the same sizes.. Haha


As usual, there’s always issue with everything that I tried on my first attempt. I think the cookies were too sweet. I think I did put too much brown sugar into the mixture. I was supposed to put only half cup of the brown sugar, but I think I put almost a cup of it. Even after I added some more flour, it was still sweet. But overall, it was okay. Next time I try baking this, I’ll make the perfect one!


W-Day Preparation
(The Wedding Cards)

I’ve booked my wedding cards from here. The site belongs to my school technician’s brother. It is based in Penang as you can see from the name of the website. I chose this company coz their products are sooo cheap! With that quality and that price, I think that’s a good deal. Plus, I got more discount since his brother worked at the same school with me. I mean, who wants to waste soo much money on the wedding cards? It’s not like people wanna put it in frame after reading it kan? Paling wangi pon, they just keep the cards underneath pile of bills and other letters, but most often, they just throw it out after putting the dates to their organizer. Hahaha.


The bride's card..

The groom's card..

*both colours are based on our wedding themes..*

They are going to post the cards on this Monday. I think maybe around next week, I can start distributing the cards. Owh, to any of you who wants the cards, you can ‘inbox’ me your address in my Facebook account, okay?

So, the cards are now settled. Hm, the catering is also now settled. Mom and dad already went to the caterer’s house and tasted their food, mom said it was delicious. I’ve got few more to handle, like the bunga telur, shoes yg x beli lgi, door gifts.. Haish.. Ponin!


Queensland Flood Disaster
(Owh, YES! I memang seorg Melayu yang suke amek tau hal luar daripada hal2 yg berlaku sesama bangsa kite kat Malaysia. Sue me!)

I bet the whole world knows that recently there was a very big flood disaster hit the northern part of Queensland, Australia. I was shocked when I read the news because I have never thought that this kind of natural disaster would happen to such place. It was sad to see some of the places that I was very familiar with  got affected by the flood.

I used to live in West End area, and there was few times when I took a walk at the Orleigh Park in the evening or during weekends. It felt so weird seeing now that the place is no longer a park / playground. Water was all over and the place turns to be sooo ugly! Also, when I was still working as a cleaner, we (Nurul and I) often used CityCat to go to our client’s house in (I cant’ remember the name of the place). So, from West End ferry terminal, we took the CityCat straight away to Regatta terminal every week. Sometimes, when we missed the bus from the city to go home (sbb tgk movie or stay back kat Garden’s Point campus buat assignment yg time tu dh sememangnye last minute), we used the CityCat from Gardens Point or North Quay terminal all the way to West End terminal. Sides that, we also had a very close friend in St Lucia. We used to go to his house every Wednesday night to watch So You Think You Can Dance Australia (boleh je tgk kat umah tpi time tu ade conflict ngn housemate, sebulan dua jugak la conflict tu, hahahha!). St Lucia was very near to West End actually. Both places were just separated by the Brisbane river. We just had to take the CityCat across the river to go to St Lucia. We rarely used the bus to go to his place since the journey was like, 2 or 3 times longer if we took the bus. So, we used Brisbane river a lot as our mean of transportation when we were there. Seeing it got swollen and broke the banks was really scary for me, without even having to be there.

The pictures below are taken by my ex-neighbour, Judy Tan. I used her pictures to be uploaded in this blog. Credits to her, and thanks for sharing Judy!


I used to jog at this park a few times with Nurul..

The playground at the Orleigh park.. Stay away from here kids!

The bus stop...

South Bank???

The street beach at South Bank.. Sikit je lagi river+beach dh nk bercampur..

Near Kangaroo Point (Sal's place).. Used to walk on foot from West End until here just to finish Photomedia assignment.. At that time, I could still see the their legs on the ground..

Gardens Point terminal. This was the terminal that we (ex-West Enders) used to get home by CityCat.. Now, it's gone.

South Bank terminal..

Can you see the van?

The highest water level..

When I was viewing all the pictures, suddenly I saw this! My former neighbour, Judy Tan with the former Australia Prime Minister, Kelvin Rudd..

Thoughts and prayers to all the flood victims.


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