I Am Sooo Boredddddda!

Bored! Hm… He’s still busy finishing his action research, paperwork, weekly reports for the whole yer of 2010, in fact he’s actually berkampung at his school since yesterday. And now, he hasn’t come back yet from school. I mean, imagine lah. The work that has to be finished within a year, now needs to be finished within 3 days. So, a bit chaotic la kan..

Anways, since boring sgt, so I decided to make a bread pudding, based on my friend, Jannah’s recipes. Hmm.. I didn’t snap pictures during the whole process coz the kitchen was quite a mess, so, I just took pictures of the pudding when it was in the oven. So, this is the pudding!

Bread Pudding. Haha, don't mind the look. I just shredded the bread, so it looks kinda messy. Haha

Well, it’s my first attempt. There are few issues with the pudding actually. First, I think it was a bit soggy and ‘eggy’ (is that a word?). Next time, I should reduce the eggs from 5 to 4 or maybe 3 eggs only. And yeah, it was a bit soggy since I put too much butterscotch sauce on the bread right before I put it in the oven. But, my mom said okay je. Whatever la. I am not very satisfied, will try again next time.

Hmm, I still haven’t had lunch actually (but I have the dessert already, the pudding lah! Haha). Okay, after performing Asar, I’ll have lunch+dinner and then, wash Chullie. He’s got soooo many paw prints on the body, thanks to my cats who always make my car as their ‘tempat bersantai’ anak beranak.

That's my handsome Heechul. He's Mommy P's boy. My fav teenage-kitten coz he's manje and funny!

Owh, here’s a Chullie trivia. During these almost 4 months I own her, I’ve never ever brought her to carwash. Yeah, I wash and polish her by myself tau! Hehe.. It took almost two hours for me to clean everything, inside out. The hardest part is, of course, her white shoes tu la. Haha.

Okay, gtg now! Baaaii!


2 thoughts on “I Am Sooo Boredddddda!

  1. nuruljannahmk says:

    emy perhaps the bread weren’t that enough? heheh anyway, the first recipe was to put 8 eggs which were too much! hehehe more eggs make it more soft. though it’s bit runny, once it cook, insyallah it’ll get hard and turn out well 🙂

    good job!

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