I Love That In The Days Of Using iPads, Using A Laptop Is Old-School.

… as quoted by Ashton Kutcher.

Hi morning all! Haha, just woke up and feeling reaaallly great today. Well, first because I woke up at 10, it means I had enough rest and feeling soo energetic. Let’s not waste the day, so what I’m gonna do after this is, get showered, and get ready to see Kak Maz and re-discuss about the wedding preparation. There are slightly changes, ayah doesn’t agree with most of the things that I want for my wedding, s00…. Whatever la. I’m tired of arguing with him, coz he’s exactly like me (or should I say, I’m exactly like him), STUBBORN. So, yeah, gonna discuss the whole thing again with Kak Maz.

After that, I wanna go to Kedai Maju Edar to buy stationaries that I lost (all of them) during the break. Every year I have to buy a brand new set of stationaries. That doesn’t change since I was a student, until now, a teacher. Maybe I ate them all during the holiday and didn’t realize it. Coz they are all vanished, not even a single item I could find. Besides buying the stationaries, maybe I’ll ushar2 good exercise books for my students.. Hmm..

Next? Owh, I think that’s all. Tanak buat banyak2 nanti penat. Yang dah list ni pon, -go to Kak Maz’s boutique and Kedai Buku Maju Edar, belum tentu lagi akan buat. Muahahaa.

Okay, enough about that! Besides blogging right now, I am actually browsing HotHits.com, downloading good songs to be burnt in CD. I’m getting bored of the collection of songs I have in my car. Hmmm.. I also wanna set the new ringtones for my phone. Default tone- Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida and Mr.Gonzales’ tone- Speak Now by Taylor Swift. 🙂 Owh, he LOVES the song! Haha. I remembered the other day he listened to the song in my car and asked me ‘Lagu ni psl ape b? I pon dh suke la lagu ni.’ And I got excited and babbling about the song lah! Haha.

I also set the new phone theme! All pink yaaw!

And the cute handphone dangle hand-made+given by my friend, Waznah. 🙂

So cute eh?? The black+pink cat! Hihi

Okay! Enough merepek for todaaay! Mahu mandi. Chiow!


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