Aja Aja Fighting!!!

Only now I have both time and mood to update my blog. So, hi, hello and holaa!! How’s everyone doing? Good? Okay, good.
Soo… School just started again eh, thank God I’ve survived this one week. It wasn’t too bad as what I have expected, (for now lah!), I think I’m coping very well (also for now lah!)

Erm, talking bout school, I’ve given a hell of work!! Seriously, it’s crazier than last year. Before I go further, I am just gonna list the posts that have been thrown at me for 2011.

Guru Kelas Tahun 5
Ketua Panitia Bahasa Inggeris
Setiausaha Sukan * 1. 🙂
Setiausaha Kurikulum * 2. 😦
Penyelaras Skim Bantuan Tuisyen
Penyelaras Keceriaan Kelas

* – new post.
1. 🙂   -> i offered myself coz i wanna learn how to do it.
2. 😦   -> benciiiiii giler jawatan ni!!! x sudi 10000 kali!!

Those are my big and important posts at school. There is few more actually, for example, AJK KSSR, AJK Pusat Sumber ke ape bnde tah, AJK Tunas KRS, those jawatan kecik2 yang x berape penting tu lah. I’m just listing the ones that I expect would drive me crazy especially starting from March and onwards.

Also, this year, I’ve been given 32 periods of teaching!
I’m teaching English for Year 1, 4, 5 and 6. Haih.. Memang la tak teach other subjects, but personally I think, 32 periods of teaching is quite heavy la. Tpi mang aku yg paling byk pon, org lain 20++ ja.. Okay, I dont mind the periods of teaching, but dah banyak mcm tu, don’t laaa give me jawatan yang besar2.. [sebenarnyer tanak jawatan yg ni je, 2. 😦 yang lain nak ] Nanti starting from March, I’m doing night tuition for Year 6 kids pulak, and also extra class for every Saturday. Faint!

Enoooouuuggghhhhh! Stop complaining, stop whining!



Okay, I think I’m just freaking out.. I’m freaking out because I have too much on my plate this time, and I’m afraid I can’t handle them well.

I need the strength, I need the patience, I think I also need the luck..
God, please make this easy for me..



2 thoughts on “Aja Aja Fighting!!!

  1. wanna says:

    byk gile wei 32 waktu! aku buat jadual aku divide semua org same je dlm 24-26. yg byk jawatan aku buat 24 je! diorg buli ko aa tu!

    tp memang siyesli bykkk.

    all the best emy!

  2. emywinchester says:

    tau xper!! kalo ikotkan, aku x ksahla byk mengajar, tpi xyah la kasi jawatan smpi byk mcm tu! SU kurikulum tu yg aku bengang btol! byk keje kot! but, if only la i get transfered this June, they all will be helplessly gasping for air. coz they want me to do all the work, once i’m gone, then THEY do it!

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