2011, What Are You Offering?

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I’ll make an entry about these talented+beautiful+sexy girls one day! Soooo in love with them!

Okay, first of all, I wanna make a shout out to yall,
*raise your glass and make a toast*

So, it’s 2011 now. There must be new resolutions to be achieved. I’ve got mine too. But before that, I wanna recall what have I achieved in 2010 based on my list that I did on my 24th birthday.

  1. Officially graduate from university. – Okaaay, obviously achieved!
  2. Get a car. – Chullie is my baby now, and she’s 50% done with her make-up.
  3. SPP interview. – Passed it!!! With flying colours okaay! Haha
  4. Big experiment. – Not really a BIG success, but I did increase their percentage in English from their usual performance. Will try again this year!
  5. Upgrade relationship with Mr.Gonzales. – Now, engaged!! Alhamdulillah.. 🙂

That’s about last year. Now this year, I’m gonna list the things that I HAVE to achieve. Yaaaww!!

:: First, TO GET MARRIED ::

It’s only 3 months away from now, the wedding cards are still in process, the hantaran stuff are still not fully ready yet, haven’t decided which pelamin to use and etc etc.. But hey! I’ve already got a bridesmaid (Again, thank you darl!) We’ve got the theme for the wedding, all the dresses are booked (except for akad nikah dress coz I’m gonna use my own dress (thank you auntie tailor yg sgt best!). But all in all, it’s only 30% ready.. Still got time! Insya Allah, we really want this to happen. All the datings, laughs, fights, the feeling of missing each other, we wanna seal this with an official knot. Amin.

:: Second, BUY A DSLR ::

I’m getting bored with my Casio camera. I need a new one. This time, I’m gonna buy a DSLR. I haven’t made any research on which to buy, but I think I’ll prefer Canon lah. My target is to buy this after I get married, but before honeymoon la I hope. Hahahahaa. Or better yet, someone wants to gimme a DSLR as a wedding gift???

:: Third, MY BIG PROJECT ::

In 2010, I called it My Big Experiment (because that’s the first time I taught Year 6 on my very first year posting), but this time, I’ll call it My Big Project. It’s the same thing actually, the UPSR. The students are my project because I’ve been taking care of them since last year coz I was their class teacher. And I know ( I hope I know) very well their strengths and weaknesses in learning English, their attitude and how to ‘ajar’ these kids if they misbehaved. I think our bonding is much better compared to my previous Year 6 students. That’s maybe because I was their mommy in Year 5, and we did this and that together as a team, so that made us closer. I hope they can help me to help them getting the best results for English UPSR 2011.


My Big Project actually depends on this last point. If I got transfered in June, that means My Big Project is out of the list lah… I think, I don’t really mind if I got transfered in June even though I know that is very unlikely to happen, but by December 2011, I MUST leave the school already. That’s my target. In other words, I hope 2011 is my final year working at that school. It seems that I can’t wait to leave the school kan? Yeah, honestly, there are some people at the school that I’m dying to stay away from! Owh, plus, nk dekat with Mr.Gonzales!


That’s all I think about for now. As the year has just begun, so I can’t really see what else to be put in this list. It’s still too early. Most of my to-do things mostly depend on the last point up there. I mean, if I got transfered in June, I obviously want to properly settle down with him, rent a house and at the same time working on our dream house, learn to cook (or cook at least during weekends), etc etc, maybe I’ll have to make another list. But if I got transfered in December, those things that I mentioned just now, will be in my 2012 list. So… We’ll see la what happens okayh, and just go with the flow. As for now, I only have four.

I’ll add more stuff (if any) to the list on my 25th birthday this April. Okies!

Hopefully, everything falls into right places!


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