I’m Only Grouchy And Moody On Days That End With ‘Y’

I am mad, and not in the mood.

Just called my mom telling her that I’ll go back home tomorrow, instead of today. She suddenly nagged at me, saying that I didn’t wanna go to my cousin’s wedding which is tomorrow. I told her, I WILL go to the wedding, but they just have to wait until I get home coz I wanna go with them. I am not really sure where the house is coz the streets are a bit confusing. But she just didn’t wanna listen and nagged, nagged and nagged. Old folks loveeee to freak out and sometimes this gets on my nerves.

After I ended the call, I straight away called him. I just needed someone to talk to, to mengadu. But he said he was busy, ‘will call you back’. Frustration, anger. So, I ended the call. Rasa nk baling phone.

Now.. Am blogging. And it’s the end of the entry anyway.

What a life!

p/s – KakLong is dancing Aing by Orange Caramel right now, so funny that I can’t stop laughing. Thank you KakLong for cheering me up!

p/s/s – He keeps calling but the moment to mengadu has passed.


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