Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #16

Okaaaayyy!!! Well, where do I start this??

I’m gonna start with…


Yeah, this is our first time hanging out together as a ‘tunang!’ Hihi.. Soo gumbira!

Him, reading the menu at Secret Recipe

Excited seeing him! Tgk muke tu.. Xbleh bla!

Iced Blended Green Tea, Iced Chocolate, and Chocolate Cheese

Iced Blended Green Tea, Iced Chocolate, and Chocolate Cheese

Everytime dating, after/before tgk movie, mesti buat bnde ni! Lepak'ing at Borders, and read their mags!

Cover mulut, or cover perut??

Ohoho! Sempat lgi camwhoring!

I love taking his picture while he's reading the menu.. He looks soooo... serious..

I looked soo sleepy, but really, I was not!

He's ngade2 tanak pandang camera!


Owh!! That white teddy!!

We also did some shopping and watched movies!! It was really fun!



I’m gonna list the things that I have been buying since couple of weeks before, online and offline.. 🙂

Maybelline EyeShadow, Maybelline Watershine Lipstick, and Double Intense Gel Eyeliner Dark Brown from Silky Girl

I’ve tried the Gel Eyeliner, it’s like sooo cool!

Some of my make-up stuff that I brought here in Muar.. Lain2 kat umah Sabak.

Elizabeth Arden Make-Up Set! This is for next year event! Cool stuff inside! And a free red hot bag!

Take a peek!

More free bag from Elizabeth Arden!


Wooooo!!!! The handbag for hantaran next year! Surprise!!

Free gift, GUESS pillow!

Nice!!! Bleh letak dalam Chullie!

Pink scarf!

Black gypsy shawl..

Black cardie..

The fancy necklace! Can't resist!

I think ni je la kot…. Or maybe more.. I cant remember lah!


Haha. Xla modification ape pon, just sket2 jer. If Mr.Gonzales reads this, he would laugh his ass off hearing the BIG word modification, but the only thing yg nk modify, just nk tukar nat tayar jer. Haha. Whatever. This is just a start. Bluek!

The colourful tyre nuts... haha

The colourful tyre nuts!!

Cun! Mr.Gonzales made this research for me! Haha

I dig that white soprt rim! He said all I have to do is just prepare the money, he'll look for the best! If only la he says, 'I belanje u sport rim!' Aaa...

Okaaaayy!! So, I’m gonna start with the tyre nuts first, then the plat number, after that change the tinted, then the sport rims, last skali after dah 5 years ke, bru the engine. Haha

p/s – I’m quite afraid actually bout all the warranty stuff coz Chullie is still under Proton warranty at least for 3 years, but Mr.Gonzales said, just by changing the tyre nuts, plat number and sport rims, that doesn’t have anything to d0 with the warranty.. And… He laughed at me for worrying about that!



Handmade okaaay??

Thank you Waznah!!!

This very talented girl <click HERE> made me these cute little things!! I only asked for one, but she made me two!! One’s for me, one’s for him! Sooo thoughtful of you!!! Thank you again Waznah!!! Me soooo likey!!!

Okay… I’m going out now. Dh siap pon, tgh tgu Mr.Gonzales, Usher and Bob siap. I’m like so early la pulak… OH! Tomorrow kursus kawen! Haha.. Should I be excited about it?? Pfft!

Okay now. He’s calling! Babai!


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