Girls’ Day Out! Again!

The last two entries were not so good, forgive me. I was not in the mood, plus there were lots of things on my mind at that time. So……

Nways, just wanna share few things that I’ve been doing for the past three days! ūüôā

I went to Shah Alam, my sis place. That’s always the place that I would go to if I’m bored at home. I love spending time with my two nieces, KakLong and KakNgah (and nephews of course, but my nephews loooove to spend more time with their Xbox rather than me.. so.. Whatever! *roll eyes*). They’re like my best girls. Haha. I think it’s very lucky for me that I have nieces that are already teenagers. KakLong is 17, and KakNgah is 15. Kalau jalan same2, we’re like friends.¬†It’s good to not having to talk bout Barbie dolls etc with my nieces, but Korean showbizz instead. Hahaha. Plus, they’re my shopping buddies!

Okay, back to the story, so I went shopping with them. Owh, this time, my other niece (my second sis’ daughter), Athira also joined us. So, we watched movies (Rapunzel adalah sangat best okaaay!!!), shopped a lil bit, and just chilled out.

I didn’t really shop by the way, coz I need to save the shopping money later when I meet Mr.Gonzales. Erm, tpi byk gas abes duit, coz of the makan2 thing. Macam2. One of them was lepas gian kat cheese cake Secret Recipe, lame giler kot x makan.

These are few lil things that I bought..

Blusher, BB Cream and Shine Free Compact Powder. Haha. Semua Liyana Jasmay style.

That BB Cream Maybelline tu beli sebab terpengaruh ngn entry Wana. Haha. Thanks babe!

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

And the novel, yeah I just bought this to keep me alive for the holiday. Hm.. This was suggested by Kakngah. She read it and said this was quite good. It’s about werewolves and I have only read it until Chapter 20, so all I can say is it’s moreless like Twilight, except for, no vampire, of course.

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Linger is the sequel of this book. Nk beli jugak ari tu, tpi sbb tgh saving la kan (kunun2), so x jadi beli. Beli satu je.

Hm… Wenesday, I’ll meet my fiance. Supposedly esok jumpe, tpi coz I’m still tired from driving here and there, so I’ll ask him to just postpone it for a day.

This weekend, mom, dad and sis are going to Hatyai for a vacation. Jelessssss btol! Nk ikot sgt, but I guess my wedding course that is on the same date with the vacation, is wayyyy more important!

It’s midnight now and I haven’t had my shower yet. Okay, mcm malaaaaas gile nk mandi! Just wanna wash my face, and then wat facial treatment sket.

p/s – KakNgah’s tumblr page! Click here.


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