You Can Give Without Loving, But You Can’t Love Without Giving

(Background Music- Linger by The Cranberries)

It starts with this,

Owh! The special reminder from my phone!

to remind me about this,

But even without the reminder, I will always remember this.. 😉

“The best love is the kind that weakens the soul, that makes us reach for more, that plants fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that’s what you’ve given me. That’s what I hope to give to you forever.”

Soooooo, it’s been 2 years now sayang. Howdya feel? Happy? Proud? Unbelievable? Boring? Annoying? Or.. Nothing? Haha

Well, on this very special day, I will challenge myself to make a list of,
20 things I know about you.

Here we go!

  1. You don’t like your curly hair. You think it’s ugly. You even pity our future children if they have your hair. Haha
  2. You hate frogs. You really can’t stand them, coz when you were in primary school, your teacher asked you to squeeze a frog in your hand to see whether or not you qualified to play for school’s football team.
  3. You like spicy food and you’ll eat it until your head is sweating and feels itchy.
  4. You played football, love football, love Raul Gonzales and Real Madrid, and you hate Barcelona. You were once considered as The Best Defender in your MRSM football team.
  5. You are recently allergic to seafood. If you eat them, you feel itchy all around your body.
  6. You used to pour the Baby Powder on your chest before sleeping.
  7. Your house uniform is boxer. Only. Haha
  8. You are a very sensitive person, but at the same time, you also have great sense of humour.
  9. You are actually supposed to wear glasses. But you don’t want to.
  10. You can’t lie on the floor, thin mattress or any hard surface. You easily get backache.
  11. You once were afraid of girls, you didn’t know how to talk to them, you thought they were scary. LOL (Now, am I scary??)
  12. Even if you are offended with what I or your friends said about you, you just keep it to yourself. You’re so patient with everybody around you.
  13. You’re wearing big ring on your finger to cover up your ‘bulu roma yang banyak tu!’
  14. You still don’t know how to use chopstick. You really suck at that.
  15. When you were in high school, your face skin was flawless. You were ashamed of it and dying to grow some pimples (in order to look macho!)
  16. Unlike other men, you hardly snore in your sleep.
  17. You have a VERY VERY poor sense of direction.
  18. You’ll be angry every time I skip my meal.
  19. You’ll cry when you miss your late dad.
  20. When you love someone, you will truly love them.

I hope in 50 years of time, I will be able to learn more and know more about you, coz you are always always gonna be my favourite subject. The best ever.
So for the millions times baby, I don’t care, if your hair is curly, if you love to walk around in your house wearing boxer, if you’re good at this and suck at that, I just need you to always remember this,

4ever & ever.. ♥



2 thoughts on “You Can Give Without Loving, But You Can’t Love Without Giving

  1. mr. gonzales says:

    happy 2nd anniversary!! 😉 i dun knw wat to say..this entry is so special!!hehe.20 things about me definitely made me laugh n senyum sorang2..sume nye btol la..hehe.. but the more important thing is tat U LOVE ME!!yeahh!!hehe..I LOVE YOU TOO!! this shows tat u knw me very well!!therefore i give u an A+++..i wil reward u next year with sumtin special!!!okies baby?hehe

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