As Blue As DORAEMON!!!

Hi bloggers, readers! Today, I wanna make an entry bout my favourite childhood cartoon and some memories that lie together with it. This is after the children who suffer from child abuse, and to support the campaign of ‘Stop Child Abuse’. Hm.. This is the least I can do.


Doraemon Ang Ang Ang

Doraemon is a robotic cat from future. He comes through time machine that actually linked to Nobita’s drawer in his room (Nobita is his best friend btw). His main job is to help Nobita who’s (a loser) always in problems, be it school+homework problem or monkey love problem with Sizuka. Not forgotten, he always got bullied by Giant and Sinyu.

Nobita and Doraemon

After borrowing Doraemon's gadgets, Nobita always misuses it and it brings back the troubles to himself. Thats why Nobita slalu kena mara ngn Doraemon.

Doraemon and the time machine

Doraemon and buluh terbang

Doraemon and Pintu Suka Hati. I think until now I still hear people say, 'If only Pintu Suka Hati Doraemon does really exist!' We wont need cars, buses, even planes anymore. Haha

Doraemon has a little sister, Doralin. Some version says, it's Dorami.

I admired all his gadgets from future that he kept in his magic pocket, like the famous ones, Pintu Suka Hati a door that could bring us anywhere, ‘Buluh Terbang’, a gadget to make us fly, ‘Alat Pembesaran dan Pengecilan’, a tool that can make us shrink, and many other cool gadgets. It was aired during Maghrib (dusk) and house rule, ayah would not allow us to watch the TV during that time, to respect Maghrib. Plus, it was actually the best time for us to pray together, recite Al-Quran and whatnot. I really really really wanted to watch Doraemon and dad always ruined my chances to watch it! Once in a while dad went to the mosque to pray, I would jump for joy, incredibly happy and cherished my 30 minutes watching Doraemon. Well, what about mom? Mom didn’t ask me to switch off the TV, but she nagged and asked to pray first, but I could stand mom. Even though she nagged alot, but she was not as scary as dad when it comes to religious routine.

Some of the things that I did to avoid praying together with dad in order to watch Doraemon, every Saturday evening, I would take shower early, and prepared myself with telekung even though it wasn’t Maghrib yet. As soon as the series stopped to make way for azan Maghrib, I would get the sejadah and prayed as quick as a lightning.  You know, sometimes I even finished my pray before the azan did. Haha. So, when dad asked to come down and pray together, I would proudly say ‘Dah smayang!’ and expected dad would allow me to watch Doraemon. When he was in a  good mood, he did, but when he was not, he still asked me to switch off the TV and recite the Al-Quran.

I was a rebellious kid. I would not switch off the TV. So what I did was, I muted the volume so dad would think that I already switched it off. So I watched the mute Doraemon lah. Hahah.

Besides loved watching the series, I also read the comics. When I felt like reading the comic, I would follow dad to the town and asked him to buy me Doraemon comics. Of course, sometimes he did, sometimes he didn’t. Sometimes I got bonus, he bought me two! There was one time when we went to my aunt’s house, I found lots and lots of Doraemon comics in my cousin’s room. There was like a rack of those comics alone. I spent my time ignoring everybody at my aunt’s house and only read the comics. I didn’t even eat until my mom forced me to. I was like, ‘Kera Sumbang’. Hahahaha. Some of the comics that I hadn’t finished reading, I brought them home. In the car on the way back, I kept holding those comics to my chest, and couldn’t wait to read it ( I cant read in the car, it makes me dizzy).

Here’s the Doraemon’s opening song. I still remember the excitement, listening to / singing this song in front of TV. AN AN AN!

So, what’s your favourite childhood cartoon??


5 thoughts on “As Blue As DORAEMON!!!

  1. Ankit says:

    Doraemon is my favourite show.I never miss it.Nobita is so funny and he is the biggest loser.he alwys ask doaemon for gadgets.Mostly I like doreamon’s gadgets.I like doraemon’s voice also that is so cute.Dorami is also socute and her voice also.
    -Ankit Sangwan

    • kunall says:

      nobita ain’t any loser man, have some respect for that character, he helps his friends, his life is a mess and he is not able to top the class or physical activities, that doesn’t make him a loser, life sucks, that is the real reason for his troubles, no matter how hard he tries, no matter what he does, he is still a pure soul, so never call that guy a loser.

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