My Shoulder-To-Cry-On, Chullie Is

Not in a good mood yesterday, and maybe for the rest of the week. I had it up to here (pointing my head) with everything in this house yesterday. So, I decided to take a drive around, taking my own sweet time, and  just cooling myself down.

The rain, the cold, somehow made me felt better..

Santai btol driving 80km/h jer.. Haha. Malas nk bwk laju, malas nk smpai rumah cepat.

I was only wearing sleeveless+hoody and shorts. X kluar keta pon, so takpe. Hua9

I love long drive (in this case not so long lah). Long and SMOOTH drive. Away from everything! Just my car and I, with good music.

Thank you God for giving me Chullie. I love her!


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