I Just Heart December…

2010 is at its end already as now the world is in December. Well, I just gotta say that December is my FAVOURITE time of the year. Well, as you can guess, it’s for obvious reasons.

I am a teacher and I’m working in Malaysia, so I definitely love December coz of this reason, especially when I am being paid full salary even though all that I do is enjoying myself outside school. Haha. I don’t really care if I got the money to travel or not, coz as long as I’m staying away from school, it always feels good.

Not that I got it every year, this is my first year working nway, but from now on, I think I will. Haha. Usually we (workers) get bonus in December, right? Okay. Even if we dun, I still love December coz of this third reason.

Thanks to Facebook coz reminded me of this!! 2 years, and I’m proud of where we are right now. 😀 I’m going to his place in 2 weeks, coz we have registered to attend Wedding Course (Kursus Kahwin) together in Muar, so since dah ade kat sane nnti, celebrate skali la. Hihi.


Well, there is one more actually. Usually in this month, we always celebrate our family’s December babies, which are my nephews Ean, Aneeq, Danish and also my sis, KakSeha. Usually we do Family BBQ to celebrate their birthdays, but due to everyone’s business (family members yg bukan cikgu laaa, haha), the plan is often pushed to middle January or even February. Lebih kurang mcm tu laa..

All in all, I just love December! Weeee..


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