What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep?

Hi darlings!!! I can’t sleep right now. Grr! That caffeine is to be blamed!
Nways, since I can’t sleep, I’ve been doing some shopping. Grabbed four cute stuff, which are,

A turquoise bag, apparently I need a turquoise bag.

A silver necklace

They are from Buttons

Floral Dress. I've been wanting to buy this kinda dress to match with my new gypsy shawl.

White Cream Belt

These are from i+dress+u+online boutique.

So, those are the stuff. Actually, I haven’t paid for those yet coz the owners of the boutique are already asleep I guess (yela, org normal sume dh tido, nocturnal cam aku je x tido lgi, demit!), so I can’t confirm the purchase yet, but still, I’m buying them.

Haih. What do I do now? I shopped, I blogged, still I am wide awake. And my man is already sleeping since an hour ago. No one to kacau, to mess with! Grr!

What a boring and lonely night…


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