Online Dating

Yes! And actually, I am in the middle of it right now. With none other than, my fiance, Mr.Gonzales. Haha. Just now, I sent him ‘something’ through email, and asked him to read it straight away. Right now while he is reading it, let’s blog!

What is ‘it’ that I sent him actually?? Hahaha. That is what I am gonna blog this time. Okay! Fyi, every time we chatted online, it became my habit to save the texts of the chatting, I mean the transcript of the conversation (Is that what you call it?? Haha). So, that is the thing I sent him. I found it in one of my folders (that I was about to delete, thank God I didn’t!) in my external hard disk. I still have the texts when we first chatted online as a couple. It was in December 2008, when we just got back from Aussie. Reading back all those lines, the time when we were both soooo malu2, and the most important thing, when we addressed each other as, ‘Saya’ ‘Awak’, hahahahahha, IT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!

The text, I am not showing everything, obviously. Haha

Now, look at his reaction after reading it!

He couldn't believe that he was 'THAT' shy! Haha

And actually, we can’t believe that we’ve been this far in this relationship. From just friends, we became best friends, then out of the blue, we became enemy (well, at least, he was the enemy to me rather than I was to him), then, friends again, after that, we became a couple, and now, we are already engaged! Alhamdulillah. Soon, we’re gonna be husband and wife, Insya Allah.

Sayang, just so you know, you really complete me, and until now, you still make me falling for you every second of the day! No one else can do this better than you. Thank you for inviting me into your life. I am happy and really appreciate it.


Okay! Sambung YM! Haha


4 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. mr Gonzales says:

    bb!!! i dun knw how to describe my feling n reaction. its so WONDERFUL..we hav been thru many things in our relationship, n thank god sume nye berjalan lancar, those fighting n arguments make us close n into each no doubt bout it, everyday i love u more n more..i cant imagine how my life would b without a lover called “EMY”..i love u so much!!just so u know, u r oways b my 1st priority..

    p/s: sori juz knw i wat u terase..i love u sayang!!mwaah!!

  2. waz says:

    ok now u guys mmg membuatkan org jeless~ dang, how u get so lucky, emy…hahahah anyhuuuuu hope u guys hepi sampai bila2….Amin…

    ntah bilanya i will feel all those cheezy feelings again… :’)

    • emywinchester says:

      thank you waznah.. Amin to that. having him in my life, i feel blessed. maybe dier tembam sket, tpi dier sweet! haha

      u will! maybe skang ko raser mcm ‘takkan’ mcm mustahil, tpi who knows. lagi lame ko tgu, maybe nnti lgi ko akan lebih appreciate when it finally comes. okay? 🙂

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