YES, My Day Begins With Your Smile…

NO, I do not want anyone else besides you coz you’re simply the best.
NO, I cannot stand seeing you in trouble, I’ll do whatever I can to help you out.
NO, I do not like being soo far away from you. 😦
NO, do not believe me every time I say I hate you, coz you know very well what’s the truth in my heart.


YES, sometimes I blush when you stare into my eyes. ^_^
YES, I think you’re a lil bit chubby but trust me, you are my favourite bolster.
YES, I love the way you ‘pujuk’ me with your sweet words and voice after we fight, and I think I am addicted to it.
YES, I am excited and always wonder how would it feel like to be married to you. The feeling is mysterious.

And YES, for the thousand times yes, I am very much in love.
With YOU.

p/s – 2011, please come faster.

I’m Only Grouchy And Moody On Days That End With ‘Y’

I am mad, and not in the mood.

Just called my mom telling her that I’ll go back home tomorrow, instead of today. She suddenly nagged at me, saying that I didn’t wanna go to my cousin’s wedding which is tomorrow. I told her, I WILL go to the wedding, but they just have to wait until I get home coz I wanna go with them. I am not really sure where the house is coz the streets are a bit confusing. But she just didn’t wanna listen and nagged, nagged and nagged. Old folks loveeee to freak out and sometimes this gets on my nerves.

After I ended the call, I straight away called him. I just needed someone to talk to, to mengadu. But he said he was busy, ‘will call you back’. Frustration, anger. So, I ended the call. Rasa nk baling phone.

Now.. Am blogging. And it’s the end of the entry anyway.

What a life!

p/s – KakLong is dancing Aing by Orange Caramel right now, so funny that I can’t stop laughing. Thank you KakLong for cheering me up!

p/s/s – He keeps calling but the moment to mengadu has passed.

Things I Did With My Money.. Hehe

Hi all! So.. Now I’m officially in Selangor, but still not at home yet, am now in Shah Alam. My sis’ place. Will be here until tomorrow, and then back to Sabak Bernam. Few days after that, gonna be busy with all the meetings at school before 2011 school session starts.. Erghh! Dun wanna think about that yet! Ade rase annoying dlm perut!

So, my holiday in Muar was quite fun, even though we didn’t really go to fun places, but the company of a good family was enough for me, and of course, his presence.. 🙂 The other stuff that made the holiday was fun, was because of two things. 1) Bought the wedding bracelet and other stuff for our coming wedding of course, and next 2) Chullie’s modification!! Yeay!

1) Wedding Preparation

For the hantaran, I think I’ve got them all covered, the handbag, make-up set, perfume except shoes. I haven’t found the right shoes yet, have looked all over stores but none of them caught my eye. Yeah, I’m quite a fussy buyer. We also have bought the wedding bracelet! I loveee it! Okay, mostly people will buy wedding rings right? But since I’ve had two rings already, I can’t afford to wear another one. Too many rings make me feel uncomfortable and somehow makes me feel…. Old. So, I chose bracelet. And that’s quite a NICE one! Hehe. Can’t wait to wear it next year! What about him? Okay.. I think the stuff that he already bought for himself were only the wallet and the belt. That’s all. Why haven’t he bought for the rest yet? Coz he’s conscious bout his size. He still dunno what size to buy for his shirt, pants and shoes.. He’s planning on a diet, but I seriously dunno if he could make it within these three months! Wahai cik abg, I seriously and honestly dun mind laaa…. I still love you regardless the shape and size.. Haih.. Beli je baju size XXL tu ye syg..

2) Chullie’s Modification

Hahhah! This is the best part ever!!!! If you’ve read my previous entry, you’d see that I did post a picture of how my Chullie would transform to after modification, phase 1.

I wanted to transform my Chullie into this!

Okay, so I started with the plat number first. My previous front number was like this,

The front plat number.. From left to right.. Standard sgt kan..

So, I changed it to this!

Race Rally Research frame.. From top to bottom.. Hehe.. Cun!

The frame for back plat number.. Hihi


This, we did in Kedai Sticker, somewhere at pekan Bukit Pasir, Muar. This store offers really awesome car stickers and customized plat number frames. We also bought some stickers.. Hehe

R3 -Race Really Research sticker.. Okay, forget the P. It'll be expired soon.. Hehe

I cant remember how much I’ve spent my money here, but it’s surely worth every penny. For me la.. Hehe..

And I also changed the sport riiimmm!!!! Like I said in my FB account, my Chullie now has a set of new sport shoes!!! A really good set of sport shoes!!! Guess what? ENKEI, model Honda Integra DC2, ORIGINAL!!! They’re very light, that’s why my Chullie can run even faster now (dulu2 pon mmg laju, skang lgi laju la.. Hehe), plus, jimat sket minyak. Hehe

Enkei, Honda Integra DC2 Original

The gold caliper.. Pas spray..

The long colourful nuts..

Chullie, full pic after make-up..

I’m very much satisfied with the new Chullie, especially bout the sport rim laa.. Thank you to Mr.Gonzales, Ijan, Azraie, Abg Boy and the geng. You guys aree awesome!!

Some people say that spending money on cars is such a waste. I once thought so, and sometimes I still do think it’s a waste of money, but terpulang la kan.. Hmm… Even though it looks like I’ve spent so much for myself, cars, make-ups, dresses etc, STILL, up until now, I haven’t missed giving some of my monthly salary to my parents and paying my monthly insurance.. Itu yg paling penting. Every time dpt gaji, first I’m gonna make sure I have enough amount to give them and also to pay the insurance, then only I’ll figure out what will I do with the rest of the money.. Kalau mcm life yg sgt loser dok melepak kat umah je malas gile nk gi jalan2 (which happened many many times before), save la sket duit. Kalau tetiber mood rajin merayap, duit pon berkurang la. Haha

Nways, can’t wait for 18hb Jan 2011. Something’s magical gonna happen in my bank account… God, Alhamdulillah.. Ehem, Mr.Gonzales, bile awak nk join saye?

Got The Cert!!!

Nk cakap psl Kursus Kahwin yg dh pegi arie tu. Kitorg buat kat Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim Muar. Time register tu, Dewan Utama masjid tu dah penuh. So, kitorg ditempatkan kat Sekolah Agama Bandar Maharani kat sebelah masjid tu.. Time kursus ni, Mr.Gonzales kena duduk depaaaan skali! So, dier antara yg paling byk kena soal ngn penceramah. Haha.

Time kursus, these are the topics covered in this course.

  • Prosedur Mahkamah
  • Ibadah
  • Akidah
  • Komunikasi Suami Isteri
  • Pembubaran Perkahwinan
  • Pengurusan Kesihatan Dalam Keluarga
  • Modul Sakinah
  • Munakahat (Perkahwinan)
  • Prosedur Pernikahan Menurut Undang Undang /Enakmen
  • Pengurusan Konflik, Rumahtangga dan Stress
  • Akhlak dan Hubungan Suami Isteri

Honestly, some of the talks were sooo boring and made me soo sleepy. Masa tu, seriously tak boleh bukak mata, tersengguk ade la dalam 5-6 kali, so nk elak ngntuk yg obvious, terpakse la conteng2 course book tu. Habis semua aku lukis. Topic2 yang boring ni contoh, Prosedur Mahkamah and Pembubaran Perkahwinan. Ye r.. Dh citer psl cerai2 sumer, boring la… Ckp psl situations that allow you to file the divorce, the procedures and etc. Prosedur Mahkamah tu memang la boring giler. Ckp psl bnde yg langsung x familiar. Borang2 ape tah kena mohon kat mahkamah syariah, kesalahan/penalti, tuntutan mcm2.. It’s like, time KISSM dulu, blajar psl all those Dasar2 whatever tu la.. Time tu, serious mengantuk!

Pastu masuk bab Ibadah lak.. K, yg ni funny giler tau! Mr.Gonzales kena soal camane nk bace lafaz niat angkat hadas kecil. Dier boleh gagap and lupe! Dier ckp time tu dier blank gile sbb x psl2 mic tu dihalakan kat dier. Dier bace lafaz tu x abes pon, ‘Nawaitu raf’al hadasi…??’ Then, dier senyap. Kahkahkah. Lawak giler bleh tersangkut kat ctu. Baru suruh bace lafaz niat angkat hadas kecil, kalo suruh lafaz akad nikah nnti, tah gagap camane laa… Dier dh malu, dier ckp biasenye ambik wuduk tu dier bace niat dlm hati dlm Bahasa Melayu jer. Eleh! Cover btol. Haha

Pastu masuk bab Akidah lak. Ni psl Rukun Islam, Rukun Iman and Pengertian Ihsan. Dier suruh senaraikan rukun2 tu semua, not so surprisingly, memang ade ramai yg still blur2 psl Rukun Iman Rukun Islam ni.. (Mr.Gonzales x kot?) Pastu dier cerita la psl pasangan yg murtad la..  Mcm2 la..

Topic yang paling besssttt sgt time Komunikasi Suami Isteri by Ustaz Norizam bin Haji Salleh. He’s the counselor, so the way he delivered his talk tu memang best gile la. And verryy funny! Dier cerita psl suami isteri yg selalu salah paham dalam rumah tangga, isteri suruh beli lain, suami beli lain, pastu merajuk tanak tido sekatil, menangis mcm2 la.

Ade skali tu, dier tanye Mr.Gonzales dh tunang ke blom, pastu tanye bape hantaran. Mr.Gonzales jwb la RM++k.. Pastu dier tanye, ‘eleh, RM++k tu, pndai masak ke dier? Kalo saya, xde saya terima’. Org perempuan ni tolong la jgn demand2 sgt.. Kesian org lelaki ni.. Bla bla bla..’ Haha. Dri blakang, I could see him toleh blakang, pnjangkan leher carik muke aku, pastu gelak2kan. Damn it!

Dalam topik komunikasi ni, cerita psl Cara Mengawal Kemarahan, Perkataan Yang Patut Diamalkan Dalam Komunikasi cth mcm ‘sayang’, ‘tolong’, ‘terima kasih’ etc. Dier ade ckp jugak psl Aktiviti Rumahtangga Bahagia (he gave some ‘good’ suggestions btw), Pengurusan Kewangan, Penggunaan Perantaraan and mcm2 lagi la. Owh, kalo x silap, dier ade jugak cerita camana nk dapat anak yg sihat, dan soleh. Dier ckp ade kaitan dari segi pemakanan, hubungan seksual and sikap ibu-bapa mase si ibu tgh pregnant. Haha. Ade jugak few Surah Al-Quran yang dier bgi ntok diamalkan time pregnant, Surah Lukman, Surah Mariam, Surah Yusuf. Yang lain2 tu mcm biase la.. Fatihah, Yassin, Ayat Kursi and 3 Qul.

Yang best tu ade salah s0rg penceramah ni, cant remember which session, dier bgi satu situation, a picture on the screen actually, of a husband and wife yg tido sekatil, tpi membelakangkan each other. Bergaduh la mksudnyer. Pastu dier tanye all the bakal2 suami, camane nk pujuk isteri yg merajuk mcm tu. One peserta said, ‘bgi salam!’. The whole hall laughed. And then, dier tanye lak kat peserta perempuan, ‘Bakal2 isteri jwb x salam?’ So, most of us said, ‘jawab, tpi tu pon sbb jwb salam tu wajib, tpi still merajuk.’ Balik semula kat peserta lelaki, ‘Ha, bakal2 isteri awak masih merajuk, camane nk buat?’ Mcm2 jawapan diorg bagi.. Hug dari belakang la.. Kiss la.. Ape tah lgi.. Yg ckp ‘ceraikan je’ pon ade. Bodoh btol. Hahaha. Pastu penceramah tu bgtau la cara2 nk pujuk pasangan merajuk.. Nways, Ustaz tu bgtau, peluk suami/isteri dari belakang tu adalah sgt berkesan untuk memujuk pasangan masing2.. Sbb… Ape tah? Ade explanation, but I cant remember la..

Pastu lgi satu ceramah yang informative, Modul SAKINAH. SAKINAH ni rupenye stands for, Sabar, Amanah, Kasih, Intim, Nadi/Nasihat, Aman, Hidup Harmoni. Cerita psl alam rumahtangga la mostly.. And dier gak ade bgi few tips untuk menyambut kelahiran bayi. Kalau isteri susah sgt nk bersalin, suami bace kan Surah Insyiqaq ayat 1-5. Ayat ni jugak la yg biase org buat Air Selusuh tu. Time tu teringat la dari aku kecik lgi smpai la skrg, org2 kampung, jiran2 sedara mara, kawan2 ayah, kdg2 tah sape2 dtg dri jauh ke rumah, semata2 mintak tlg ayah buatkan Air Selusuh.. Kakak2 aku pon mintak ayah buatkan time diorg pregnant dulu. Aku mang tau Air Selusuh ntok org pregnant, tpi aku tatau ape fungsinye. KakSeha dulu time pregnant Darling, kandungan die tu songsang. Pastu mintak tolong ayah buatkan Air Selusuh, Alhamdulillah la pastu btol balik. So, die ade mcm2 fungsi kot sebenarnyer air selusuh ni.. Baby susah nk keluar, baby songsang, and mcm2 masalah lain la kot..

Pastu. Ustaz ni cerita, bile je baby lahir, bile dh azan, dah iqamat sume, bacekan Surah Al-Qadar kat telinge kanan, Surah Al-Ikhlas kat telinga kiri and surah Al-Insyirah kat ubun2 bayi, pastu 3 Qul kat seluruh badan bayi.. Pastu tahnikkan baby tu. Cara nk tahnikkan baby, memula basuh tgn kanan bersih2. Bace surah Al-Insyirah kat jari manis, and then letak madu kat jari manis tu, pastu letak kat langit2 bayi. Erm.. Ape ek reasonnye.. Dier ade ckp, tpi x ingatlah. Something psl nk merangsang deria rasa kot.. Pastu psl cukur rambut lak, kalo boleh buat ntok baby2 ni.. Sbb kebaikan cukur rambut ni, bila rmbut baby tu dicukur, lubang rmbutnye akan terbuke so, dier akan menguatkan pancaindera.. Ni aku ikot sebjik2 ayat Ustaz tu. Haha.

Okay…… Here, some of the pictures…

Saturday morning, ready nk gi kursus! With him and Chullie!

Wearing red, same theme with me and Chullie

Sunday afternoon, dh dpt cert!

Wedding Cert from Pejabat Agama Johor

Close Up!

Dier pon dh dpt!

Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim, Muar. A very nice one!

Overall, memang best la Kursus Kawen ni! Haha

Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #16

Okaaaayyy!!! Well, where do I start this??

I’m gonna start with…


Yeah, this is our first time hanging out together as a ‘tunang!’ Hihi.. Soo gumbira!

Him, reading the menu at Secret Recipe

Excited seeing him! Tgk muke tu.. Xbleh bla!

Iced Blended Green Tea, Iced Chocolate, and Chocolate Cheese

Iced Blended Green Tea, Iced Chocolate, and Chocolate Cheese

Everytime dating, after/before tgk movie, mesti buat bnde ni! Lepak'ing at Borders, and read their mags!

Cover mulut, or cover perut??

Ohoho! Sempat lgi camwhoring!

I love taking his picture while he's reading the menu.. He looks soooo... serious..

I looked soo sleepy, but really, I was not!

He's ngade2 tanak pandang camera!


Owh!! That white teddy!!

We also did some shopping and watched movies!! It was really fun!



I’m gonna list the things that I have been buying since couple of weeks before, online and offline.. 🙂

Maybelline EyeShadow, Maybelline Watershine Lipstick, and Double Intense Gel Eyeliner Dark Brown from Silky Girl

I’ve tried the Gel Eyeliner, it’s like sooo cool!

Some of my make-up stuff that I brought here in Muar.. Lain2 kat umah Sabak.

Elizabeth Arden Make-Up Set! This is for next year event! Cool stuff inside! And a free red hot bag!

Take a peek!

More free bag from Elizabeth Arden!


Wooooo!!!! The handbag for hantaran next year! Surprise!!

Free gift, GUESS pillow!

Nice!!! Bleh letak dalam Chullie!

Pink scarf!

Black gypsy shawl..

Black cardie..

The fancy necklace! Can't resist!

I think ni je la kot…. Or maybe more.. I cant remember lah!


Haha. Xla modification ape pon, just sket2 jer. If Mr.Gonzales reads this, he would laugh his ass off hearing the BIG word modification, but the only thing yg nk modify, just nk tukar nat tayar jer. Haha. Whatever. This is just a start. Bluek!

The colourful tyre nuts... haha

The colourful tyre nuts!!

Cun! Mr.Gonzales made this research for me! Haha

I dig that white soprt rim! He said all I have to do is just prepare the money, he'll look for the best! If only la he says, 'I belanje u sport rim!' Aaa...

Okaaaayy!! So, I’m gonna start with the tyre nuts first, then the plat number, after that change the tinted, then the sport rims, last skali after dah 5 years ke, bru the engine. Haha

p/s – I’m quite afraid actually bout all the warranty stuff coz Chullie is still under Proton warranty at least for 3 years, but Mr.Gonzales said, just by changing the tyre nuts, plat number and sport rims, that doesn’t have anything to d0 with the warranty.. And… He laughed at me for worrying about that!



Handmade okaaay??

Thank you Waznah!!!

This very talented girl <click HERE> made me these cute little things!! I only asked for one, but she made me two!! One’s for me, one’s for him! Sooo thoughtful of you!!! Thank you again Waznah!!! Me soooo likey!!!

Okay… I’m going out now. Dh siap pon, tgh tgu Mr.Gonzales, Usher and Bob siap. I’m like so early la pulak… OH! Tomorrow kursus kawen! Haha.. Should I be excited about it?? Pfft!

Okay now. He’s calling! Babai!