What Is Your Priority?

I feel uncomfortable if people ask me, ‘Why do you wanna get married at such a young age?’ ‘Ko tanak buat Master dulu ke?’ Bla bla bla.. Well, people have asked me this, really. Mind you, next year I’m gonna be 25. Correct me if I’m wrong, but to me that’s NOT young. That’s suitable age for everybody to get married.

I understand that everyone has their own priorities in their life. Some of us wanna get Master or even PhD before settling down, some of us wanna have lots and lots of money before thinking about marriage. Nothing wrong with that. It’s their life. Me? Well, let me give you the list.

The first thing of all, I wanted to finish my study, and get a degree. Now, I have already got it, Alhamdulillah. So, the second thing, I wanted to have a career, that would give me monthly income, which I have right now, Alhamdulillah. Next, I wanted to have my own car, that I’m gonna pay monthly using my own money, which I also have right now, Alhamdulillah. Along the way to get all this, I have found the love of my life. We love each other very much, and we’re talking about future almost every day. We both have careers, and some saving, so what’ next if it’s not marriage?

Whatever it is, I just wanna have my own family. Well, of course I will get a Master one day, we both will, but it’s just not now. Setting up a family, that’s my priority. If I manage to have that, that’s an achievement enough to me. It’s something that I can be proud about coz life after marriage is not easy, I know that. Seru or nafsu, to me that’s out of question. Marriage is still a good thing after all regardless of what age you are. As long as you are ready and well aware of the purpose, the challenges in marriage, you will be okay. Supporting each other, that’s what your other half is for, to get through every obstacles along the way. Insya Allah, good marriage will be blessed by God. Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan..

And I surely can do the rest (Master and Money) even after having children. No?


9 thoughts on “What Is Your Priority?

  1. bendedspoon says:

    Great to see someone
    who knows what she wants
    and how to get it.
    Just don’t lose yourself in the process
    of loving somebody and everybody
    — don’t lose yourself.
    blessings to you!

  2. wanna says:

    aku teringat kat makwe (my fren) yg ckp dgn aku die xnak kawen smpai bile3. minggu depannye jumpe die balik die ckp die nak kawen thn depan. wow! cepatnye berubah fikiran? haha. just go with the flow.. rite? anyway, just wish semua yg dirancang akan terlaksana! anyway, congrats emy! 🙂

  3. waz says:

    huhu aku angguk2 bila baca ni..the thing is, if u know n sure of what u want in ur life, just go with it. jgn biar org perlekehkan whatever we stand for…

    my penolong kanan was /sort-of/ ridiculing me for planning to get married around this age coz she was married around 30 (“awal lagi la kamu nak kawin”)….then we talked about my mom’s kids (me n my siblings) being all out of uni now n working + grandkids around, n suddenly she’s jealous (of my mother). her kids are still in primary school..i dont even have to make her change her mind.

    • emywinchester says:

      i know waznah. thank you. i dont care if they think it’s still TOO YOUNG or whatever, it’s their problem.

      my sister married my bro-in law around 19/20. but well, that was arranged marriage. now, she is 36, and her eldest daughter is in form 4 already. next year spm, and then finish school. i once joined her alumni party, and her friends were all surprised to see her grown-up daughter. and i heard some of them talked to each other, ‘anak2 noli tu dh besar ek? senang la dier. kalo aku tau senang mcm ni, dulu2 muda2 lagi aku dh kawen’. coz anak2 diorg sumer still skola rendah. hehe..

      • emywinchester says:

        owh! one more funny story. the other day, while waiting to pick up his youngest son from tuition, dier jalan2 la kat mall ngn her two daughters, 16 and 14. pastu, ade org usha2 my sis. dier jual mcm soft toys kat stall kecik2 yg biase kat mall tu kan? my sis ckp, slalu kalo jalan2 ctu, mang org tu slalu senyum kat dier, tgk2 dier.. lebih kurang la. then, one day, he asked, ‘hi, ni kawan2 office ke?’ referring to her daughters. my sis gelak. ‘taklah, ni anak2 saya’. since tu, my sis ckp that guy x brani lagi nk pndang dier. malu kot. haha

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