E-Day Countdown

Just rearranged the furniture in my room for E-Day. Haih.. Sweating.

Okay, before I go membebel here, firstly, Salam Aidiladha to all!!! How many bowls of gearbox soup you guys have this time? I just had one last night. Makan ngn sambal kicap, soooodaaap! Haha . Secondly, million apologies to the blog and to you (those who cares) coz I have abandoned this blog. Again. Clearly to me, the time that I have to update this thing seems less and less each day. Especially, when I am not a student anymore. I thought last few weeks of school was a chill-out time for me, but sadly, it was sooo NOT. Straight after PKSR 2, we had PSS Week, and after that, School Trip to KLCC. Then, we had Koko Camping and lastly, the event that exhausted me the most, Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan Sekolah. Thank God I managed to persuade my colleague, Ustaz Faiz to be the Emcee, which I was supposed to be at the first place, and.. He agreed. 🙂

Since I last blogged, many things had happened along the way. I am not intending to describe them one by one, plus, I dun remember much pon, so, maybe next time I’ll just upload the pics to summaries all the events I went through.

The most important thing, is about my E-Day! For some reason, I am soo excited about it. My bestie Sal asked me yesterday if I am nervous etc etc, but honestly, NO! I’m not nervous at all! I am sooo excited. I smile from ear to ear looking at all those white baskets finely decorated with red beads, laces and flowers! They’re all ready weeks ago! Hahahahaa. Owh, except for the fruits, and cupcakes and Secret Recipe cakes of course. I’m gonna buy the fruits tomorrow, and Kak Eda will collect the SR cake from Shah Alam (tomorrow jugak), and owh, this afternoon, I’ve promised Capira to go to her place checking out her cupcakes that she especially bakes for my E-Day! Hihi.

OMG!! Just remember one thing!!!!!!! One very important thing!! I haven’t bought the cream scarf yet for me to wear on my E-Day!! Stupid2!!


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