Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #15

Hi lovely people out there! We meet again! As promised, I’m now updating my blog and I really hope I can publish it tonight instead of saving it as a draft. There are soooo many drafts in my wordpress dashboard. I will delete them after this. Menyemak! Nways, how are you people? Life’s going great? Good! My life has been the same, there were ups and downs as usual, but overall, okay la… I survived! Hehe.

So, last few weeks, I was sent to Concorde Inn Hotel, Sepang for LINUS meeting. I was there for 4 days, translating Mathematic modul for Year 2 from Malay to English. I don’t teach lower primary at all, but I still had to go for this meeting coz none of the teachers at my school were willing to go and do the translation. But you know, it wasn’t that bad. Even tho the schedule was packed (we had morning, afternoon and evening sessions), but all we did at the meeting room was just sitting in front of laptop and translated the module. No groupwork, presentations, LDK or whatever. So, I enjoyed it. Haha. I finished my part on Day 2, so for the rest of the sessions (until Day 4), I was just Facebooking, Twittering and etc. Hahahahahah! NICE! What made it nicer? The FOOD!!!! It was really really really really good!! I love it!!! Bersemangat btol gi cafe house dier. Haha.

Going to Concorde Inn, Sepang.. Let's go Chullie!

Had to use GPS coz I had (still have) really really poor sense of direction. Haha

I also made friends with many interesting and cool people. One of them is Geetha from SKJT Sentul. She was also my roomate. We had many things in common, and that made me soo comfortable with her! Hehe. Geetha babe, if you’re reading this, I just wanna let you know that I miss you so much! I tried to find our pics together, the ones that you sent me on our last day, but I couldnt find them! Huhu.. Can you send them back to me please…?

Then, the next week, I was called again for the second phase of the meeting, but this time in Seri Cempaka Services Suite in Cheras. It was pretty much the same thing; editing the translation that we did the previous week. But I think, this was more stressed compared to the previous work, coz we had to EDIT the whole translation. It wasn’t easy you know. I prefer deleted the whole thing and wrote the new translation. Hm, good thing bout this second meeting, was the suite itself. It was awesome! I love it! But the food, ergh! I didnt really like the food. Everytime I entered the bistro, there was always this smell like…. Capsicum smell. Haha. I dont know how to describe the smell, but I hate it! The food in Concorde was soo much better and delicious. Yummy!

The suite!

My future master bedroom. Haha. Really like this!

I love the space! Soo.. spacious! Haha

The view from 18th floor, my room..

On my way back to Shah Alam (sis’ place), I didn’t use the GPS coz my roomate, Kak Azi had already told me the easiest way to get to Federal Highway. But then, hmm…. I got lost. When I switched on the GPS, it gave me wrong direction again (or was it me who didn’t understand the instruction?). I was mad, frustrated and for the first time, I shouted at the GPS. Hahaha. Bodo! I almost cried, panic and etc, but finally I managed to get to the Federal Highway. I saw Midvalley on my right and at that moment, I was sooooo relieved! Haha. That was my first time driving alone around KL. So, kelam kabut sket.. Haha

Yay! X sesat dah! Sampai gak Jakel Shah Alam. Haha

I was supposed to go for the third meeting next week in Kuala Lumpur International Hotel, but… Hehe. I did something evil. When I was in Cheras, I decided that I didn’t wanna go for the third meeting, so I scratched my name off, and wrote my colleague’s name. Few days ago, I heard that she already got the letter, and our GB asked her to go. Yeay me! Haha!

Okay! Next, about my E-Day preparation. It was almost 70% done. The set of hantaran, the mini pelamin, the make-up, the photographer and the dress! Hmm, I would like to post some of the pictures here, especially the pictures of set hantaran, but… Nanti x surprise la pulak kan..? Hihi.. Satu gambar je la ek..

One of the stuff for hantaran, Maroon Towel with our names. Hehe

I want both my special days (E-Day and W-Day) to be smooth and perfect. So I already cracked my brain to get some ideas for my W-Day, such as the theme colours, the pelamin, baju sanding and baju nikah, the photographer, the decoration, the invitation cards and etc. I’ve never thought it could be this headache thinking and planning about our own W-Day. Or maybe I am just too fussy. Hmm.. Maybe!

Last two weeks, I shopped some stuff for E-Day. One of the stuff that I bought was Mr.Gonzales’ baju melayu for akad nikah together with its sampin songket. I love the combination of the colours. Hihi. I already gave it to the lady who worked on my gubahan hantaran and the other day, I got this MMS of the gubahan baju melayu and songket. It was SO.BEAUTIFUL! Thanks akak (tah akak ape, tatau nama)! You’re the best! Owh, I also bought the bed sheet for my W-Day. Haha. Mak la yg suruh beli.. Senang dh beli awal2.. Hehe.. And I am planning to buy hantaran stuff for W-Day this December, during Christmas sale together with Mr.Gonzales. Hehe! Cant wait!!

Okay! Next! This is sooo exciting! Now, I wanna make an official announcement to all of you lovely readers. I wanna welcome, our new little angel in Abdul Malik’s family, Aurellya Darlene binti Muhd Asyraf! That’s the correct spelling of her name. Before this I spelled her name, Aurelia, but it is actually Aurellya. What a classic name right? As you have already guessed, this is not an Arabic name. It’s taken from Latin language. Aurellya means……… Hm.. Ape ek? I cannot remember la.. But if I’m not mistaken, Darlene means ‘beloved daughter’, or ‘Yang Dikasihi’. Macam darling gitu.. Hehe. Something like that lah! Eh, tapi mang kitorg panggil dier Darling pon. Except, mom. She calls her, ‘Puteri’. Hehe

She looks just like Abg Bob!

Our Darling. Sooo precious!!

Owh my! The lovely pink angel!!!

My favourite pic! Darling kena jemur to avoid sakit kuning. She looks sooo gemok! Hehe

The latest pic of Darling! She smiles in her beauty sleep! Hihi. COMEL!

I want my children to be as cute, beautiful and healthy as her! Darling, you are really such a darling.. We love you so much! And we welcome you to our family with arms and heart wide opened. Welcome beautiful girl! 🙂


Okay! I think that’s all for today! Ngntuk sudaa.. Mahu tidur. Wa.. Wanna sleep already?? It’s the weekend! Owh. Loser sungguh kehidupanku!


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